In British hospitals kept secret organ removal

In London hospitals found the storage of human remains. It turned out that the medical decades seized the dead bodies of patients, including children, without the permission of relatives. Basically, the inside of the dead were used for the experiments.

Covert operations were carried out in the capital's hospitals, Guy's and St.Thomas. The staff of these clinics decades removed organs from dead patients and did not report anything about the autopsy.

It is reported that doctors have used the donation for research and experiments that were conducted at a London college. In 2000, the research department of the University was closed and the authorities sent the deposit back to the London Hospital, and then forgot about them.

Now the family of the dead have learned about what happened, because hospital doctors asked the police to find relatives of test.

The news of the unidentified bodies appeared after the administration of hospitals have tested. It was found about 500 human remains and organs. Some of them had been in the hospital since 1992.

Dozens of people who know what they operated their dead relatives are in shock. Hospital staff have already apologized. However, many of the relatives of some words are not enough: people intend to seek compensation for damages through the courts.

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