In Buraevo sure: the future — for local processing

Not even the old-timers — the middle-generation remember what it was until recently Buraevskogo Creamery (Rep. of Bashkortostan). A small company with a limited range of products, which is outside the area of little interest. That all changed a few years ago when the plant was completely modernized and practically rebuilt.

— Go for it forced the demands of the day, — says Alexander Starikov, who heads the group. — Competition in the dairy products market is very serious, antiquated methods will not take place.

Frankly, our forefathers of this, apparently, not even dreamed of. Not just perfect cleanliness — sterile immediately upon entering the shop. The most modern equipment, maximum comfort for workers — all are pleasing to the eye.

120 tons of milk a day — so ready to receive and process plant. Thus, the problem of sales to households Buraevskogo and surrounding areas.

— I was thinking of leaving the area, could not find a suitable job — says Alia Gabdullina fasovschitsa sour cream. — But with the opening of the plant, this problem was solved, not only for me. Here, decent wages and working conditions — see for yourself what.

To add Alia said: factory has become one of the major employers in the area — a team has more than three hundred people. Salary? It is produced at the plant weekly.

— What is the sense of the collective, as they say, one team, I realized just here — words apparatchik Fayaz Abdullina. — Because I had to work even on the same plant. We are of such proceedings, which have now, and never dreamed of.

One of the prerequisites of stability — timely marketing. Cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, butter — all product-specific, requiring rapid implementation. But Buraevskogo brand quickly became popular.

Of course, the creation of such plants requires investment, attracting investors. In Buraevo able to find them.

Andrew Nitschke. Photo by the author. s. Buraevo.

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