In Buryatia Open outdoor car traffic on three sections of the road Ulan-Ude New Uoyan

In Buryatia open car traffic on three sections of the road "Ulan-Ude — Turuntaevo — Kurumkan — New Uoyan", which will ensure the accessibility of the northern segment of the SEZ "Baikal harbor".

Construction of the pass near the Bay Nameless, from 182 th to the 215th kilometer of the road "Ulan-Ude-Turuntaevo-Kurumkan", started in the 2007th year. In five years, the builders dug up the hill and taken away tons of soil. The total cost of the road amounted to 1.7 billion rubles. 

Width of the roadway here is 7 m plot canvas — 12 m Road builders also installed 40 culverts, reconstructed bridge over the river. Elichevo.

In the next year to continue the construction of the road will be allocated 500 million rubles. Also, the long-awaited bridge will be built across the river Barguzine

Two other important object — is the area with the 13th on the 39th kilometer of the same road, "Ulan-Ude Kurumkan" and the road, "Chaim Bull Mountain." Last — ensure access of construction equipment to another segment of the special economic zone where plans to build a ski resort, with an investment of more than 30 billion rubles. 

In addition to this route, the country built many roads — in the direction of Kyakhty, Irkutsk, in Tunkinsky area. In 2014, construction will begin in the road and Bauntovsky Zakamensky areas. These items are already included in the program of development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal.

Speaking about the completion of the highway "Ulan-Ude — New Uoyan," said the head of the region that is not going to give empty promises and hopes. 

— This year, we rent only at this track 86 miles — for an unprecedented number of Buryatia. The next year, we expect that this road will invest some 1.7 billion rubles. It will be done no less than this year. I think if we go at a pace, we, of course, we come to the New Uoyana, but when he was not in our. Still far away. The road is 65 billion rubles. Even the pace at two billion, one can calculate that still need 30 years. I do not want to cheat anybody, — said Vyacheslav Nagovitcin.

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