In Buryatia revive the local breed of horses

  • Photo breed horses Buryat
  • Photo breed horses Buryat

Photo breed horses Buryat


In recent years, the country began to breed pedigree cattle. Now farms graze in the meadows and the Kalmyk Kazakh-white-rock.

However, it should be noted that some households are engaged in cultivation and breeding horses. For example, the SEC "Isinga" Eravninsky district since 2001 reproducers breeding Buryat breed.

Undemanding and hardy, these horses for many centuries been the faithful companions of warlike nomads. However, over time they began to disappear. They almost drove imported animals of other species. As a result, the decision was made to purchase livestock native Buryat horses. Who is able to collect unique herd, which today 230 heads of Buryat breed.

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