In Kazan, the mass killing birds

Readers of Rustem Jachin reported mass deaths of crows and pigeons in the street Bolotnikov.

For several weeks in a row around the world there are reports of mass death of birds. This week the corpses of dead pigeons and crows found residents of the Kirov region.

— I averted my daughter in kindergarten, when she suddenly began to cry out loud and show me the dead birds — says a resident of Kazan Arina Yakovlev. — The road was strewn with the bodies of dead crows and pigeons!

While astrologers say that the mass death of birds — a harbinger of imminent apocalypse, Kazan scientists present their version.

— Hard winter birds feed themselves, even more so this year has dropped a lot of snow — says the engineer of biology Dmitry Averyanov. — In connection with this, the residents often fed birds, and most likely not what might be useful for Birds. This could cause mass destruction.

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