In Kazan witnesses photographed UFO triangular

July 23, 2012 17:27

In Kazan recorded a strange flying object, which by its design resembles a triangle. Similar "aircraft" appeared in the sky above the other major cities of Tatarstan, Mari El. It is not known whether it is the lone UFO-traveler, or invasion.

— Object is a triangular UFO with black cabinet and three lights — explained portal director Kazan branch "Kosmopoisk" Maria Petrova.

For the first time, a triangular UFO appeared in Kazan on July 6 in house number 69 on the street Chuikov. Eyewitnesses saw a dark object in the sky, which was flying at a high altitude in a circle. Clearly visible "marker" lights on the edges.

July 16 at 22.13 triangular object appeared in the sky above Almetyevsk. He flew from Bugulma. Hovering over the city to the lake for a while, then the UFO plummeted. According to witnesses, while it glowed red.

Three days later zagodochny object at 11 pm noticed in Yoshkar-Ola. According to eyewitnesses, "pyramid" with the three red lights crossed the city from north to west.

— In the evening, my husband went to the balcony and saw a UFO in the sky, he immediately called me — said the portal resident of Yoshkar-Ola Helen P. — I went out and saw first-flying 5 each pyramid level at the same rate. Then my daughter brought a cell phone and I started to take pictures, it all happened for 4-5 minutes. I am sorry that the video do not guess. Flew on the north side of Yoshkar-Ola, quietly, evenly.

Portal asked for comments to the head of the Kazan branch of the "Kosmopoisk" engaged in the study of anomalous phenomena.

— One of the known species are the objects of a triangular UFO type with three or more lights. In 1989, they made their appearance in the skies over Belgium. Their watch over France, Britain, the USA and other countries, including those of Russia. The most famous place of observation of these objects in Russia is the anomalous zone Medveditskaya range in the Saratov region, where the camp "Kosmopoisk."

From time to time there are reports of "trehzvezdnikah" and from the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mari El. But rather sparse. In July this year, RO "Kazan Kosmopoisk" managed to get three reports of similar sites in different cities. Ufologists more information is needed from other possible witnesses to clarify the picture. This allows you to specify the details, and even trace the route UFO.

Witnesses who were in those days witnessed a UFO, please contact "Kosmopoisk" at:

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