In Novgorod in the shopping center Wave has opened a stationary planetarium

February 27 in Novgorod in the shopping center "Wave" has opened a stationary planetarium. Visitors can watch a 30-minute educational film, soon there will be a 5-minute films, as well as playing with the technology Kinect.

— The main elements of the entire system is a projector Full HD, which supports high-resolution, and the second time — this is a movie in the format of a spherical image, not a 2D or 3D. The projector shines on a hemispherical mirror element, which projects the image of the entire dome. There is an effect imax (wide screen picture), — one of the employees of the planetarium Maxim Efremov.

Earlier entrepreneur with a stationary planetarium, a project was launched a mobile planetarium, which brought in schools and kindergartens in Veliky Novgorod. By the summer in the city perhaps will have another portable planetarium, which will be more than what is in the shopping center "Wave", it will be used at public events and festivals.

It is planned that even days in a stationary planetarium will be gaming, will be displayed on the odd short educational videos, and at 18:00 will start the 30-minute film, which is better to buy tickets in advance.

— Games based on Kinect technology is quite popular. Install multiple sensors, thermal camera, night vision camera. Game starts, a person can just move your hands and it's all displayed on the screen. You can dance, kick balls, boxing, manage superheroes — said Maxim Efremov.

Admission to the planetarium is 150 rubles, the minimum cost of games will be 50 rubles. We add 10% of the ticket sales will go to charity. Capacity of the planetarium is 10-15 people. It is located in the shopping center "Wave" on the 3rd floor, section 378.

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