In Orsha started the event on the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich

The famous Belarusian writer was born November 26, 1930, and in Orsha, in his native land, traditionally celebrated every anniversary of the famous countryman. This year, in honor of the 80th anniversary celebration, the celebration of the Vladimir Korotkevich, will be held a few days in a row, from 23 to 28 November.

Jubilee celebrations in memory of writer-countryman prepare and City Department of Culture and the local community of writers and museum complex "History and Culture of Orsha Land," and actually Orsha Museum Vladimir Karatkevich. The museum director Galina Jurkiewicz told that the first event will be held in Orsha today:

"November 23 will be the presentation of the movie" With Vladimir Korotkevich from Orsha to Rogacheva ", summarizing literary and artistic competitions, which conducted a children's library and a school of arts. The ceremony will take us. On November 25, will be the presentation of the book of fairy tales Karatkevich Swans' skit, "which made the illustrations for Mikola Kupava".

Galina Jurkiewicz

Most of the events dedicated to the 26 November — actually the birthday of Vladimir Karatkevich, highlights the museum's director. This and laying flowers at the monument to the writer in the children's park, and poetry readings in the same place, at the monument, which happen every year in Orsha, and a few activities, specially prepared for the anniversary, continues Galina Jurkiewicz:

"In 10 hours — a prayer service, a 12 — spetsgashenne postal envelopes with the original brand in our museum, at 14 — the opening of the International Conference in School of Art. Two booklets and we did two sets of cards:" Settlements Karatkevich in Orsha "and" Museum of Orsha Karatkevich. "And booklets:" A citizen, a person, a writer, "and also" The settlements Karatkevich in Orsha.

At the international conference "Vladimir Karatkevich — global view" the organizers are expecting guests from Poland, Ukraine and Russia. And guests of activities developed for the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich will be known Belarusian writers and literary scholars: Adam Maldis, Vladimir Orlov, Lyudmila Rublevskaya, Sergei Poniznik, Peter Vasyuchenko and others. And on November 27 in Orsha come bard Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich with a special program, "Where is my territory …" he will perform songs based on poems by Vladimir Karatkevich.

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