In Russia, there are no state


Please tell me what news you catch the eye is the best? Political, is not it? And that's something I wonder struck another statistical series. Here it is:

January 18 morning, a bomb exploded in Saransk. Alleged assassination objects — deputy director of Mordovia Branch TGK-6 Vyacheslav Safonkin with his wife. January 16, Ivanovo. Doctors operated on chapter eight o'clock local FAS Alexander Borovkov, seriously wounded in assassination. January 6. In the village of Pearl in Buryatia three dozen people staged a mass shooting.

You know, that brings these news? In Russia, there are no more state.

I do not know good or bad or Safonkin Borovkov. Maybe they got in the way of feeding theft. Maybe not share stolen. In any case, those who encroach on them, most likely, scum, just because life (and not a movie "Voroshilov Sharpshooter") is designed so that the barrel is not the first to grasp the noble avengers and scum.

I have something else: officials and managers in Russia began to shoot with the same impunity as before officials pressed citizens. You can imagine that somewhere in the U.S. went streak today shot FDA * chapter in Wisconsin tomorrow — head power generation company in California?

They are shot, because there are no police. That someone will reveal the attempted Safonkin-Borovkova? Do not tell my slippers — no one. All are busy: some kryshujut stall selling other drugs. Previously, they had no leisure to disclose murder of ordinary citizens, now they have no time at all. But if something is loud, resonant — well, the minister will be killed, then you have to get up from the stove, sending two and a half remaining pros, and will, as a rule, that killed three hundred dollars for people who had previously killed ten times for three hundred dollars did not suspect that the killings are investigated at all.

In Europe, 100 thousand people, there is one criminal in the body, in the United States — four. In Russia, according to estimates of the retired general Vladimir Ovchinsky Interior Ministry, at least forty. For comparison, in London at the end of XVIII century, 100 thousand people received 52 corpses. This is the complete absence of the police and much greater poverty.

In the history of the village of Pearl I was impressed by two things. A visiting gangster killer angrily shouted that this is a new Sagra, they say, the bandits from Ulan-Ude, drove through the streets and attacked anyone, and local control IC condescendingly explains that worry is not necessary — for control of the territory two gangs clashed, "during conflict, members of both groups fired from a firearm. "

Ay, SC! You even yourself, then realized that you wrote? This is Russia XXI century? Or Italy of the Lombards? "Worry not. Three dozen people duel in broad daylight. "

Mass slaughter with impunity, we have ceased to be news. Remember last year's festival "Tornado" in Miass? Right at the festival gang members beat up — so what? It's nothing. Power shyly lowered her eyes and was carrying some sort of nonsense that people (caught on video) can not be set. Apparently, some of the interests of local thieves, for some reason, decided to demonstrate his power, had an important justice.

Impunity. In the press and the courts get the occasional exception. For example, the Sagra (which found Roizman). The same fire in Ukhta in 2005, when in broad daylight burned store that burned 25 people, not to be conceived Makhmudov brothers who had excellent relations with the head of the criminal police and the head of the CID, and, as they say, with Head of the Department of Internal Affairs Wow, no consequences if Makhmudov, to his misfortune, did not quarrel, eight months after the chief arson MOBOP Ershov.

State no. Instead of the state, which is obliged to protect the safety and lives of citizens, there is some other entity: which drives the oil abroad, saws budget among friends, but for the full enforcement of muscle atrophy can not ensure that the streets were not shooting. Do you know what I conclude from this? What if the street will one million — or at least 200 thousand people — is education be just as powerless.

* Enforcement Administration, the Food and Drug Administration.

Yulia Latynina


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