In Talachyn spent rehearsing elections

The Vitebsk region have begun training for the members of election commissions. They were taught how to count the votes, and how to deal with bullies and how to deal with the media.

After staging certain situations commission members were taught how to act in case of force majeure circumstances: for example, if your site appears drunk bully, or a citizen wants to vote other countries, or members of the press will want to take photos of the electoral process. In the latter case, by the way, it is recommended to give permission, but only for a few shots, and with the condition that the journalists will not interfere with the voters and commissions.

At the workshops were "passed" all stages of the election, from early voting to counting. And the organizers reminded: on the table from the chairman of each committee must necessarily lie Election Code, as provided, and "work out" all possible situations in the training impossible.

Until December 19 such trainings will be held in different regions of the Vitebsk region, and throughout Belarus. This initiative and the disposal of the Central Election Commission.

A member of the Vitebsk oblast election commission Nicholas Selivashko mentions that for a long time offered to provide training for local commissions, in preparation for the last local elections. But his proposal was not supported. Meanwhile, training, in his opinion, are simply necessary, contrary to official statements that the Commission include the most sophisticated and experienced people in the electoral law, while there are numerous violations of the election.

However, according to Selivashko, to focus the attention of the practical training is not for any emergency situations that occur relatively rarely, and in the process of counting the votes. He must be open to observers, but in fact most often the opposite.


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