In the Arctic, who made a unique wiring unit with four ships of the Northern Fleet nuclear icebreakers

Today is completed icebreaker wiring squadron of the Northern Fleet (NF) headed by the heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser (TARKR) "Peter the Great" by four nuclear icebreakers through areas with difficult ice conditions in the Strait of Mathisen and on the approaches to the Strait of Boris Celebes, located between the Taimyr Peninsula and Severnaya Zemlya archipelago.

As the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, whose flag the Arctic trek passes the squadron SF "operation is unique in the fact that for the joint solution of the general problem has been involved all the atomic surface fleet of the Russian Federation — the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser" Peter the Great "and four atomic icebreaker State Corporation "Rosatom" — "Yamal", "Vaygach", "50 Years of Victory" and "Taimyr".

Icebreaking escort 10 warships and support vessels SF performed more than 40 hours. About 400 miles detachment was accompanied by an icebreaker providing reliable navigation and ice safety.


During the passage areas with difficult ice situation was active wing, based on TARKR "Peter the Great". Ship pilots flew four flights for the Ka-27 to conduct ice reconnaissance along the route of the squadron, and a series of landings on the deck of nuclear-powered icebreakers.

In the coming days, a detachment of ships will continue to sail in the SF east Laptev Sea. To ensure the safety of navigation will continue to carry out the ship's helicopter flights for aerial reconnaissance and monitoring of ice conditions in aysbergoopasnyh navigation areas.

The detachment of warships and support vessels SF went from Severomorsk on September 3. During the campaign, he made the transition Barents and Kara seas and traveled more than 1.5 million miles.

This is the second large-scale campaign SF ships in the Arctic over the past two years. Last year, the ships SF also led by the flagship — the cruiser "Peter the Great" conducted a series of exercises near the Northern Sea Route, and the Marines for the first time in the history of the Russian Navy carried out an amphibious landing on unequipped coast Boiler Siberian Islands archipelago.

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Press service of the Western Military District

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