In the Arkhangelsk region has increased total production of milk

The main achievement of the past year — improving productivity in enterprises engaged in production of dairy products, and as a consequence — the increase in the gross milk production. In 2012, the figure was more than 118,000 tons: a thousand tons of milk than in

2011. According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Arkhangelsk region, Dmitry Karelian, this is largely due to the budget support the breeding of livestock, with an update of breeding herds on farms.

Almost two thousand rubles increased average monthly Chamber of Industry: from 14,000 in 2011 to 15 000 900 rubles in 2012.

On the implementation of the state program "Development of agriculture in the Arkhangelsk Region 2013 — 2016 years" of regional and federal budgets this year allocated 1 billion 360 million rubles. In addition, during this year's funding will be increased.

Priority will subsidize enterprises engaged in the production of meat and dairy products, seed production. Priority attention will be paid to the modernization of the regional agricultural industry. In addition, the grant will continue to support farmers.

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