In the Belgorod launch production of additives for road construction


January 30 at a small meeting of the government of the Belgorod region deputy director of the company, "Unicom" Sergei Golovkov presented the project to create a regional production of asphalt modifiers "Unirem", which will increase the strength of the pavement, as well as solve the problem of waste tires.

According to Sergei Golovkova, the project is designed for 13-14 months. The new plant of the company plans to launch in April 2013 year. For its construction, "Unicom" invest about 500 million rubles. In 2013, the production capacity of about 2,000 tons unirema in the future — 5000 tons.

The main supplier of the new production should be Lebedinskij and St. Michael's processing plants of the "metalloinvest." A corresponding agreement has been reached between the two companies. Large mining companies will supply tires with specialized vehicles.

The production will be located near the LGOK. It will be created 110 jobs with an average salary of 35,000 rubles.

According to the statement by Sergei Golovkova, today the company already has a plant in Podolsk, built in Nevinnomyssk be built in Krasnoyarsk and Belgorod.

"Unirem ":

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