In the BFU. Kant appeared trucking mobile laboratory

Institute of Transport and Technical Services BFU. Kant now boasts an unusual equipment.

Thanks Development Program at the University of mobile traffic came laboratory, designed to assess the condition of the road network. Laboratory mounted on the base van and equipped with all the necessary equipment measuring roughness of road surface, revealing its defects, road geometry measurement, assessment of traffic of vehicles, determine the mechanical properties of asphalt-concrete pavement and more.

"Hopefully, the Institute of Transport and Technical Services BFU. Immanuel Kant was instructed to make a certification of the main streets of Kaliningrad. Now we have acquired the necessary programs for certification, as well as to evaluate the technical condition of the road surface parameters ", — says Sergey Korjagin professor, director of the Institute of Transport and Technical Services.

At this point in the mobile transport lab, the only one in the region, is an associate professor and graduate students of our department, who have been trained in Saratov. In the near future the laboratory will be available to the students of the Institute of Transport and Technical Services BFU. Immanuel Kant.

"Now the main task — to pull to associate professors and graduate students working in the lab, the students. Therefore, we assume everyone who really wants to immerse themselves in this difficult job, because the main thing — the desire ", — said Sergey Korjagin.

"For the university is especially important, because in the BFU. Immanuel Kant provide training in the field of "Organization and safety" and "Organization and management of transport", now students will perform laboratory work on the specialty disciplines, an internship, perform thesis projects and acquire skills that will be useful in future careers "- says Catherine Minkov, deputy director of the Institute of Transport and Technical Services BFU. Kant. 'Professor of our department in 2012, spent reviewing the proposed Integrated traffic management schemes (the FC) for the city of Kaliningrad, which is commissioned by the Administration of the city of Kaliningrad was performed by experts from Belarus. We have long wanted to buy such a laboratory, it can be used to carry out activities to gather baseline data for modeling traffic flows, which is the basis for the development of the FC. "

This equipment is necessary for other urban uses. According to Sergei Koriagina laboratory will be used to conduct or assist businesses operating in the field of road construction and reconstruction of the road network (MAC).

Laboratory on wheels are not only tested, but also demonstrated to students and journalists. It is noteworthy that in the plans of experts — to upgrade the car, complete metering systems and software, it will expand the possibilities of research.

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