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Michael Bashura: "I read poetry by inmates MEMORY"

Michael Bashura

A writer and a prison — a hot topic for the Belarusian literature throughout its history of Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz and up to the present day. The latest example — the poet Bashura Michas, who was recently zvyazneny two and a half months. Feels that the poet behind bars, as perceived by inmates arrive in prison and his muse? This is Michael Bashura told our correspondent Valentina Aksak.

Valentine Aksak"Tell me, please, what were your first thoughts and feelings, if you suddenly found themselves behind bars?"

Michael Bashura"The first feeling was — surprise and confusion. First thought — for what, why?, As usual, apparently, people in this situation had hoped at first that this is a mistake, and everything will be clarified in all sorted out. Once a measure has been defined detention — detention, I realized that this was done deliberately, and will probably have a long time behind bars. Thanks to God, the support of friends and the support of the media yet this conclusion was short-lived. And this one is my prison experience, I hope to This is over. "

Aksak"How you react to those who find themselves close to the camera, knowing that you — Belarusian poet?"

Bashura"Behind bars a lot of smart, educated people who are interested in many things, including literature. I was brought up on classical literature, but in the movement "Bum-bum-Lit" made some eksperymentatarskuyu note in my work. And my neighbors in the chamber was amazing the contrast in my poems: classical and some incomprehensible to them in style and sound. "

Aksak"Have you read them from memory verses, or you have had your book with a" libation to fly "and other publications?

Bashura"Nothing happened, read only memory. I wanted to give my friends a new book that came out when I was in prison, but they were not allowed to do it. "

Aksak"The publication of your new book" Thoughts — this is not a game "was the unusual action of support. Book of the prison were not allowed to pass. Its first presentation was also unusual — in the course of the trial you. You and she was not allowed to pass. And come to you in those harsh prison conditions, new poetic line? "

Bashura"New Poems appeared behind the bars, and one of those verses" Figure "I read in his closing remarks to the court.

Aksak"Can you repeat it now?

Bashura"So. Please.

Look, the picture
I'm drawing a finger on the glass.
Turn the designated universe.
I — the point that the edge,
point behind the wheel.
I have renounced the world,
or the universe cast me off?
Point — also the universe.
The universe does not tolerate competition.
But he does not understand
that point — it's blood in his veins.
Without points — he's dead.
The points of this paint.
The universe pushes the point
and loses its color …
I'll be back.
I will definitely be back!
And rasfarbuyu universe!

This is a poem I wrote this year in Zhodinskaya prison on August 21. "

Aksak"And you asked your friends in misfortune to write them a poem with some reason?"

Bashura"Behind bars a lot of really talented people and a thirst for creativity there is very pronounced. Half of the draws cards, beautiful style letters to family and friends, well, the other half is writing something. Naturally, this scripture is connected with the prison theme and genre like chanson. I could not write well. I realized that I was still there temporarily and skirovvatstsa in the work of the prison theme I did not like. I always wanted to write something philosophical. "

Aksak"There is a view of the prevailing melancholy observations of those who were in prison, that prison changes people. They are removed from their earlier activities, go into the shadows. What do you say to that? "

Bashura"It depends on the person, but, unfortunately, there is one bad moment. Recently watched a movie on television, which said that the Soviet people, who came alive in captivity, it's no longer the Soviet people. This syndrome is encircled, when a man is taken prisoner and then comes back and meets the vigilance with which people look at him and think, that from him now wait: maybe it has changed, you may run criminal habits, it can be recruited. I think that's the syndrome encircled and changes the behavior of the person and his participation in public life. If that's the syndrome was not observed, then I think that most of the people who passed the prison, would not change. I have experienced this syndrome is encircled. He is not very strong and, in most cases, people with whom I used to work and communicate, treat me the way and treated early. So I think that, for me, nothing has changed and my position, which was prior to the conclusion, it is perhaps only got stronger, and only strengthened my beliefs. "

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Valeria Koustova: "God has fallen asleep — and the world our missing"

Valeria Koustova

"Give birth to Belarus" — with such poetic appeal Valeria Koustova turned to Europe. This appeal is heard many participants poetry festivals in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and other countries, where the poet visited this year. On his return met her Michas Scoble.

Michas Scoble"Valeria, most recently in your literary sail sail blowing tireless pilgrimage. You are not just found at home, in Belarus — you are always on the move. What is your most memorable trip? "

Valeria Koustova"This year I have traveled almost the whole of Poland, visited Warsaw, Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot, near Bialystok. Visited Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. These were mainly travel to literary festivals or on any specific literary matters, such as meetings with interpreters or agreement about some projects. With festivals, perhaps the most memorable Vilenica — great international literary festival in Slovenia, it is about a week and come back to the year of his most popular of poets, writers and translators from around the world. "

Scoble"Poets in Belarus, a great many, but who do not have enough — so this is a scriptwriter. For example, the film studio "BelarusFilm" is always complaining about the lack of good scripts. Your university specialty — exactly scriptwriter. And do you have any desire to raise the national cinema to the world level? "

Koustova"There is a great desire, but, unfortunately, our capabilities do not match the offers that are expressed on this score" BelarusFilm. " That is, the kind of talk has been going, but I just have such a long dream that I want to test — make a profession of writer's profession. We all writers are either in universities or editors, and all have the time directly on scripture, I'm not talking about the possibility of life-the life of the funds received from his professional writing. That is, if I'm offered on some disrespectful terms to write the script, I
do not agree. I am, if I do something, I do it efficiently, and I can not afford to just not respect themselves and to agree to any conditions that do not suit me. Besides, that to me would not listen at all points, if they would do this or that film. If they had listened, I could even do this for free, but it is also a big problem: how what you do will translate into what you want. "

This is also a big problem as far as what you do will translate into what you want.

Scoble"And you've had a bad experience, an attempt to co-operation with the studios?"

Koustova"To the disappointment did not come because I was not allowed to reach. There have been numerous proposals from both state and non-state from studios, but we have not yet come to a consensus. However, I hope to film those works of Belarusian writers who would I most want to. One of these works is "rapidly despair" Vladimir Karatkevich. "

Scoble"Valeria, once in September I witnessed how you Minsk accompanied by foreign radio journalists. They literally chased you. What you've done this, you seem to be not interested in politics? "

Koustova"It seems that there is no … The fact that the whole of June and part of July I spent in Germany, where he wrote his new book in the House of Art in Berlin, where I was invited, and there I was performing. At one of these performances came a German journalist who has long interested in Belarus. But despite the fact that she was interested, but did not know if there is a difference between the language of the Belarusian and Russian, etc. And so, as my performances were punctuated by self-identification, at the roots, to the culture, in Belarusian, so it is of interest that the idea to create a series of programs, of which the main character would be a Belarusian writer. I kept saying that it is not involved in politics, and at first she believed it, but at the end of our meeting, she just laughed with the phrase. We tried to meet with the largest possible number of people related to the literature, but more often they act in other areas in the Belarusian society. "

Scoble"Let's get back to literature, to literary festivals. These festivals are usually pushed to vzaemaperakladav. Tell me, what languages have begun to sound your poems, and what foreign poets in the Belarusian language was transferred to you? "

Koustova"Some of my individual works were heard in English, Swedish, German, French, Polish, in Russian, in the Slovenian … Perhaps of all the languages I do not remember. I would not say that a lot of works have been translated, but, at least in many languages. The most I had to translate Galchinskiy Polish language, Baudelaire — French, of Lithuania, the Georgian, Ukrainian with — it's just been individual works of individual authors. This was due to the need for an anthology of translations. A Galchinskiy Baudelaire and I was translating for myself, for the soul. "

Scoble"Poems heard by vershmashynami" — the book "through" Vladimir Neklyaeva, I remember, there was a line. Do you think that your computer in a foreseeable future, be able to replace the poet? "

Koustova"No.. And of course, Nekljaev said this ironic, because he is also smart and uncle knows that will never be. If we believe that mosquitoes and trees have souls, then the computer has not, and most of all soul creates poetry. "

Valeria Koustova. Of new poems


Rodi Belarus!

Rodi president.
M. Martysevich

People, people! Europe is pregnant!
Hands on hips — is a solemn,
straddles statehood
in all its centers vachystaya!

And at the heart of a child phaetstsa,
shackled in a small universe.
For the, for the life of barukaetstsa:
come, come quick relief.

The world is big — and I want to, and prickly:
but go woman in labor force! ..
Pray for the health of Europe:
"To give birth, parents Belarus!"


(My literary generation)

Kostyukevich — novelist now, and I — a poet.
From a poem by Vladimir Ryzhkov

In my childhood,
My uncle was a pilot.
And I took a run to the hills,
with the cry:
"Dad, I fly, look!"
Giving Up in the sky
(And the stars fell in the afternoon!)
arms outstretched
waiting for a miracle.

And I fell down,
breaking the knees,
elbows and even stomach.
And, lying down, looking up,
which was flying a small,
with a tail,

And dad said,
that to me is something strange,
it does not happen,
I want to move the world
in my head
broken cosmic alarm clocks …
And even then I guess,
that Dad and I are different:
Dad — Engineer,
and I — a poet.

And dad asked gently,
to be warned
before the next flight
(And I was just easy!
it's me zashkalivalo poetry!)
because then no one is
do not believe the words
and otherwise — he will be a witness.
But I do not fly
especially in front of adults.
But adults do not care
called me — a poet.

And whatever we were inspired,
Young and fresh,
the late XIX — early XX century,
when there was no aircraft
but then (and before!)
sky border
yes zashkalivalo inside
but even then
Apostate Kupala —
and yet it is perhaps, though sometimes —
until the flight! —
done easily.

Lullaby for God

God does not sleep.
From the poem Vl. Neklyaeva

I prysnivsya God now,
that he could not sleep —
He looked at me:
His dream, or I do not.

He looked, then sighed —
and fog shrouded the light:
"From the moment I do not sleep,
both created the universe, the Earth.
Some screams ears.
I am the dream and I ask myself.
You're so restless sleep.
At night in my dreams those snish?
Terrible in your eyes.
What hurts you, girl? "

But I have dreams alone:
how to fly the skies called
First razmolachivayutsya they
as pitchers …
These are, God dreams.
Night at night, day after day …
Did you ever let me prysni.

Small angel wings
in heaven inscription deleted:
"God prysnits you then,
when you lie down on the treasure. "

I said nothing.
Voice trailed off.
God does not sleep,
for God.

It was God I wish …
that gray beard,
that he never sleeps
outlook to continue the thread.

Bye-bye, my Lord.
Dream come to dear God …
Sleep, Sky Guard …

God has fallen asleep. And our world is gone.


A fairy tale for adults
He smoked —
and the balcony was open,
and the smoke sucked street
and she sucked his eyes — and
something between them
Shoot and mulilasya.

And he smoked and smoked.
And she looked and looked.
And went on hour after hour.
And talk about nothing
on the words
and everything —
in the language of the body.
And for that infi
nite time
it is a hundred times
Deciding that he was a goat,
and two times —
that he was the only one.

And he was again delayed
a cigarette
and drank "one": for you!
And she could not those
who smokes and drinks,
but for some reason
brushed her hair
and bit her lip
until a drop of blood on her lip.

And then broke
and ran,
to give him
all of which was not
Midnight! —
and he caught
and brought down her
in an oscillating heat sinking.

Both long and together —
until the morning —
be happy
and in joy.
And she thought,
it abranets it
and he was




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