In the Southern Military District receives new equipment


In accordance with the plan of re-equipping of the Southern Military District in the near future on combat duty rise of S-400, which will replace the S-300PM.

Receipt of new weapons and military equipment to the Air Force and Air Defense Command of the Southern Military District began in 2009. Over the past period, anti-aircraft and radio parts were received and put into operation more than 60 pieces of military equipment.


Fully re-equipped group of automated control system combining radio parts for ACS "foundation." Park joined the electronic weapons radars (radar) "Gamma-C1", "sky-U", "sky-SVU," "Sopka-2."

This year, the association received 16 pieces of military equipment, including anti-aircraft missile units were armed ZRPK "Armour-C." Until the end of the year will get more than 60 pieces of military equipment for radio and anti-aircraft missile units command.

Also planning to upgrade already standing in service of military equipment to new components and their further use for the intended purpose.

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