In the troops stationed in the Amur region, arrive ACS Hyacinth-S

In association stationed in the Amur region, received 24 self-propelled artillery system (ACS) "Hyacinth-S", the press service of the Eastern Military District.

152-mm self-propelled guns "Hyacinth-S" is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 33 km.

ACS "Hyacinth-S" has a light armor protection, high maneuverability. The case provides protection from bullets and shrapnel. "Hyacinth" can keep shooting as a closed positions, and direct fire. Cannon mounted on a unique muzzle brake, which absorbs more than 50% of the energy efficiency in the delivery of fire.

The first practical application of the ACS "Hyacinth-S" will be held on the teachings of the summer training period.

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