In the U.S., reported 3 cases of intestinal infections

In the U.S., reported 3 cases of intestinal infections

NEW YORK, June 3. Director of the Institute of Infectious Medicine University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein demonstrates grown at the Institute colony E.coli.

According to Radio "Liberty" in the United States has at least three cases of infection with the bacterium E.coli. All patients had recently returned to the U.S. from Germany.

Recall the current number of victims of E. coli is 17 people, 16 of them died in Germany.

On the eve of the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that an outbreak of intestinal infection in several countries in Europe caused by a new strain.

The new strain, which contains a gene that leads to death, is the result of mutations in two different rod-shaped bacteria. The virus has a set of features that enhance its amazing properties compared to other bacteria.

CPS previously introduced a temporary ban on the import of fresh vegetables from all European Union countries (EU).

The European Commission, meanwhile, withdrew its warning about the possible dangers of eating Spanish cucumbers.

The warning was announced last Thursday after telling the German authorities on the outbreak of disease caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli, the source of which mistakenly thought cucumbers from Spain.

Three Spanish cucumber and one Dutch, last week seized medical officer, the validity of a enterohemorrhagic bacteria EHEC, established experts. However, this is not a very aggressive strain, from which 17 people died (16 in Germany, one in Sweden) and over 1.5 thousand in hospitals of several European countries.

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