In the UK, the District Hospital Statistics Death broke every conceivable antirecord


In the county Steffordshir investigation, which began as an ordinary check hospitals, led to mass demonstrations and an apology from the Prime Minister. For three years there — just an oversight of doctors — 1,200 patients died.

This is the data of the official report. Investigation conducted a reputable lawyer who interviewed a lot of witnesses and was horrified. Died everything from babies to the elderly.

Report correspondent of Channel Helena Gorshenina.

The investigation in Britain bombshell. In the main hospital in Stafford due to the negligence of doctors and hundreds of low-skilled people died. For three years — 1200! Before today apologized to the victims' families, Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: "We bring our sincere apologies for the hospital and its staff do not carry out their duty, and not who treated patients not taking care of properly."

An independent investigation into the death of patients in the kingdom led a famous lawyer Robert Francis. Take the case he was asked to relatives of the victims: their rallies in front of the hospital windows and complaints to the higher authorities to what was performed. Francis gathered information three years, interviewed 164 witnesses and the results of the investigation have shaken him.

This is — the home archive footage from Nash family. At the head of the family are still in good health, surrounded by children and grandchildren. Before we get into Stafford hospital, Alan Nash's health was not complaining. The man died in hospital after a routine examination of the intestine.

As it turned out during the investigation suffered from the negligence of doctors, mostly elderly people, unable to demand attention. So, Peter Bernhilla doctors left for dead in the hallway. For old seat in the House was not found, and only after he started having seizures — doctors tried to correct the situation. Another patient of the ill-fated hospital — Bella Bailey died of suffocation. The medical staff just did not notice that the unit ended oxygen. This death was the beginning of the investigation. The daughter of the deceased — Julia Bailey organized a fund relatives of those killed and raised by Robert Francis.

The court in this high-profile case in Britain began in 2010. But only now — after the results of an independent investigation and intervention of the Prime Minister — relatives of the victims believe those responsible for the deaths of their loved ones will be punished.

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