In the Ukraine, found their Bermuda Triangle — its called Bugayskim

October 4, 2012 20:24

According to witnesses, this is where the facts stop and the recorded acceleration time.

"Brute triangle" shrouded mystical stories

"Brute triangle" shrouded mystical stories

In the Ukrainian heartland found their Bermuda Triangle. And it is called Bugayskim because farm is situated at the Little Bugayka in Sumy. Place is shrouded in mystical stories. According to witnesses, this is where the facts stop and the recorded acceleration time, and more cases hallucinations and visions. People try to stay away, "Bugajski triangle", but correspondents TSN — contrary. Field, and in the middle of a cemetery. This is all that reminds of the former farm Small Bugayka. People fled their homes because of fear of the unknown.

Ms. Galina was 8 years old, they went first to the village because of the strange knocking dishes, footsteps and voices from the attic. Then an unknown even ambushed. Local residents say, as with the local village heads were on duty at night with a gun. "Lift — there is nothing in the attic is empty," — says the former agronomist Ivan Babii. In the 70 years he worked as chief Ivan Babii agronomist. Said, then had suffered from the tractor. Near Little Bugayki all machinery broke down. "There are miracles occur, there is not even a machine-like at times to go to work. Here even the cows do not want these places to graze round. "Where to? Where knocks "- so used to say," — says the man. "Where knocks" — this is about the field № 7, that in place of the vanished village. The former tractor driver Ivan Martynenko remembers the night shift tractor is not just hanging over the abyss because of hallucinations. "That's from 12 to 3 and the mapping is leading you nowhere. Already feel myself that the field must be completed, and by the light of the field goes and goes nowhere. Vylezesh of the tractor, stop, and you're already standing over the ravine, "- says the man. The territory of the missing local farms already nicknamed "Bugayskim triangle", the website

Researcher of anomalous phenomena Vladimir Litovka recognizes that summer and had witnessed strange behavior mechanisms. Not only is the clock broke 7 minutes ahead, and even compass deteriorated. Master, who investigated clock sure — is the result of the magnetic field. While not denying his practice this happened. "In the old TV watch em on the fridge — the same thing happens," — explains Alexander Ogiya watchmaker. If the failure mechanism is the rationale, then the other things the peasants have only one explanation — "anomalschina."

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