In the Urals, caught a strange radio signal from the missing An-2


In the Sverdlovsk region investigators are verifying the detection of radio signals transmitted from the area of the disappearance of the An-2, who disappeared three months ago.

As Itar-Tass learned at the press service of the Investigation Department of the RF IC for the Sverdlovsk region, investigators interviewed a witness who submitted the audio recorded them in making a radio signal using a cellular phone. "Assigned phonoscope examination. According to information provided by the witness, will be conducted search activities," — said the press service.

According to media reports, the message with the text: "Help, I have two wounded, bears will eat us. Everything is empty, no ammo" I heard on the radio a local doctor in a cell phone.

An-2, which was carrying 13 people went missing on June 11. According to preliminary data, the commander of the vessel Hatip Kashapov raised plane of Chelyabinsk "AviaZov" from the airport Serov without the required permission. Communication with the "maize" has been lost.

Into the disappearance of the An-2 A criminal case under article "Violation of safety rules and operation of air transport, which caused the death of two or more persons" of the Criminal Code.

According to Tass, the press service of the Sverdlovsk MOE, to date, the number of search group of 35 people. Since the beginning of the search on foot examined more than 2.5 thousand square kilometers of territory.


Full transcript of the file, the record of September 4, 2012, about one in the morning local time. 96.00 FM-frequency range.

The distorted male voice, exhausted. Partly interrupted.

"… The end of the two policemen. Bears live here.
Why is no one responds? If you do not come, there will be hungry bears …
Top (river?) Bears live …
Dictates the numbers: "94.3,94.8,28.35"
We do not see it. Why is no one responds?
If you do not come, the bears will come. Hungry … The end of the two police officers …
The policemen died.
If you do not come, we will not be … "
End of record.

Transcript of radio broadcast on September 4, 2012 around 2:00
overnight. Wave 90.6 FM.

"Engine of the road to drip. Made an emergency landing. State Farm Revolution.
The settlement …
Get in touch with the first control. The empty … When the Soviet Union collapsed.
Before him away in a straight line no more than 30 kilometers. We flew straight course.
Damaged housing, screws, fell off the elevator.
He did not respond …
If you do not come, we will eat bears.
Holes in the enclosure. The elevator broke off ….
State Farm Revolution. We are far from it.
Please …. other …. he is on vacation … In Tagil. There is a computer.
Do not sleep in peace! Policemen end … End ….
The pilot had fallen asleep at the wheel …. State Farm Revolution we are not far from it …
Caught driving … If you do not come, we are no one will be! Why no one is looking?
We do not trust anyone.
The collective farm Revolution … We have not got far …..
The third day on the air. He did not respond … Please, hear at least someone.
I have a gun … State Farm Soviet Revolution "

The text of the last message on radio air on September 5, 2012 96.00 FM from about 1 am to 3 am.
"Help! 120 degrees 14 minutes … We were the bears will eat! 120 kilometers from Serov
straight course …. It's all empty, no ammo.
Refer to the Investigating Committee. Help, bears will eat ….
Help us. 120 kilometers from Serov. 120000th …
I swear …
Us …. Help. Two others were injured.
If you do not come over!
The daughter of a witness … Know where they were …
Was there Cossack chieftain …
No one is looking.
The poachers, they have seen …
Dad, pray, do you hear …
0 degrees 13.9.7
Hungry Bears will eat.
End of record "

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