In the Volgograd region opened a logistics center

Erzovka of goods and food will deliver throughout the region and beyond.

A large investment project was implemented in a short time — just a year. This logistics center has already become the largest in the region. The total area of the main buildings of the center of the distribution companies "Tamerlane" is 30 thousand square meters. The maximum possible annual turnover in the year, subject to the storage of goods in a week — more than 3 million tons.

According to the creators of the center, thanks to the launch of the project in Volgograd producers will get new opportunities to sell their products, and the people — for its preparation, and at a lower cost.

The distribution center, located in the village of Erzovka Gorodishchensky District will optimize delivery, reduce the cost of gasoline and buy large bulk quantities.

The appearance of the center allowed to invest in the development of engineering infrastructure Gorodishchenskoye area of about one billion rubles, and also provided and the creation of 700 new jobs.

Today, in terms of total retail turnover of Volgograd region is ranked 3rd in the Southern Federal District and the 21st — among all 83 regions of Russia.

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