In the Volgograd region opened a new plant for the production of baby food

June 18, in the Volgograd region completed the implementation of another major investment project — the opening of a new plant for the production of baby food company "Gardens Pridonya." The plant was built in the immediate vicinity of the complex processing of fruits and its own raw material base of the company — in the village gardens Pridonya Gorodishchenskoye region Volgograd region. The area of the new production of 2.5 thousand square meters. meters.

It is planned that the plant will produce 30 thousand jars of baby food per hour. And in the year will be more than 90,000 tons of the product in glass jars and tetra pack. Gross production of the plant will be 5.5 billion.

An important social component is the fact that the opening of this modern manufacturing has added more than 500 new jobs for residents of Volgograd region. In the future, this number will increase to thousands. 

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