In the waters of the Antarctic Lake Vostok unknown class of organisms found

Scientists who have studied water samples taken in May last year of the Antarctic Lake Vostok, discovered in these bacteria, which can not be attributed to any known subkingdoms bacteria, said of the Laboratory of Genetics eukaryotes Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics (PINP) Sergey Bulat.

"A week ago, was actually completed last analysis (there will be another, but the results are unlikely to change anything.) After exclusion of all known contaminants (foreign organisms) … was detected bacterial DNA which does not coincide with any of the known species in the world databases. We call this non-identifiable and ungraded life. To attribute it to some kind of bacteria known subkingdoms failed, "- said Bulat, transfers RIA "Novosti".


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He explained that the researchers examined samples of water, frozen at the bit after penetration into the lake. In May "Akademik Fedorov" svezhezamerzshey take samples of lake water, a study which will allow researchers to test their findings.

According to the newspaper VIEW, in February last year, Russian scientists were the first in the worldgot to the waters of Lake Vostok, which have been preserved under the ice of Antarctica for millions of years. Drilling of the well with the Russian Antarctic station "Vostok", under which there is a lake, going on intermittently since 1990.

January 10, 2013 expertsremovedthe first sample from the well clear of ice.

Scientistshopedetect microorganisms in the waters of the East, which had been left to themselves for thousands of years and have evolved into unusual forms of life. Extremophiles, if they are found conducted under stringent conditions Millennium absence of light standing cold high pressure and oxygen concentration, and a small amount of nutrients.

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