In Udmurtia recorded death of livestock

Loss of livestock.  Photo: topnews.ruOn the night of September 23 cows belonging to "Agro-Terra" Kiyasovskogo district broke corral and were on the aftermath of the (grass grown on the site is sloping in the year, grass) perennial grasses SEC "them. Suvorov ", the press-service of veterinary SD.

Aftermath of eating the animals developed acute rumen tympany (a disease of ruminants that results from eating copious legkobrodyaschih feed and abrupt change of diet, usually in the transition from confinement to grazing). As a result, 16 cows died of asphyxia.

Chief Veterinary UR notes that because of the irresponsibility of managers, professionals and employees of livestock in the fall when you change feed and feeding on pasture legkobrodyaschih fodder (clover, alfalfa, canola, after rain and frost) are often cases of mass animal bloat leading to mass death or forced them to slaughter.

Veterinary Office sent a letter to the heads of Defense districts and heads of district stations to combat animal diseases for urgent measures to prevent the emergence of mass bloat and preservation of livestock during the transition to winter rations.

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