In Velsky district opened a new section of the road (Arkhangelsk Oblast)

October 21 put into operation a rectification section of the federal highway to 17 km, which was called "Belsky serpentine." It was one of the segments on the fault line M8. On many dangerous curves serpentine gave in, not only beginners but also experienced drivers.


Back in 1991 began designing straightened section of the road, but at the beginning of the century construction freeze. It was only in 2009 it was possible to resume projection, and in November 2010 to begin construction on two sites M8 motorway — circular road around Belsky and straightening "Belsky serpentine." The total cost of the work amounted to 6.5 billion rubles. In a record time of one year was built straightening of the long-awaited section of the highway.

Asphalt is laid on modern technology that makes the ride comfortable and safe. The new road is really the European level, and now it is an issue of proper maintenance.

Only two sites will be built about 40 miles of trails, a bridge across the river and two Vel overpass through the railway.

"This year we commissioned 42 kilometers of road Plesetsk — Kargopol on behalf of the President, is now open 17-km stretch in Velsky area. Arkhangelsk region at present, the only region in which in 2011 built as many miles of roadway, — said the deputy governor of the Arkhangelsk region Alexei Vereshchagin. — It means that we are able to build roads, have learned to perform tasks in the shortest possible time and with high quality. "

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