In Venezuela, the first set of anti-aircraft missile system S-300

In Venezuela, the first set of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300. Purchase of mobile missile systems "Buk-M2" medium-range S-300VM-range was approved in September 2009 and only now started to supply air defense system.

Also, the Venezuelan government approved a budget of 156 million dollars for training and the purchase of teaching simulators anti-aircraft missile systems S-300VM "Antey-2500" and 9K37M2/9K317 "Buk-M2" in Russia.

In addition to these two systems in recent years, Venezuela has acquired other Russian-made anti-aircraft system — 300 23-mm guns ZU-23/ZOM-1-4, more than a thousand of portable systems "Igla-S", as well as an unspecified number of mobile missile systems S- 125 "Pechora-2M", which are already in the country and transferred to operational units. 

At present, with the S-125 "Pechora-2M" have some air defense units deployed in strategic areas of the country and which are in addition to the seven JLY-11 and three JY-1B radar systems purchased in China.

Air defenses are now kept in air defense brigades, which are created and are subject to the Joint Command of Aerospace Defense (Comando Aereo de Defensa Aeroespacial Integral — Cadai) Strategic Operational Command (Comando Estrategico Operacional — CEO) of the National Armed Forces. Recently formed 19th and 39th Air Defense Brigade, the command post is the latest in Caracas.

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