In Volgodonsk (Rostov region). After the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 70 seats

The building of the preschool is one of the oldest in Volgodonsk — it was commissioned in 59 years ago, but residents claimed, as the only kindergarten in the historic part of the city.

In 2009 — due to the technical condition of the building and for the preservation of life and health of children and employees — preschool activity was suspended. Renovation and equipping of "Together guys" were in 2011 — 2012 years of OOO "Shape"

Major repairs had cost 7.8 million rubles. To equip spent more than three million rubles. These funds three groups equipped modern children's furniture, and age-appropriate sanitary and epidemiological requirements, toys, educational games, teaching materials. In the music room is equipped with modern equipment: CD player, LCD TV, DVD-player, there are children's musical instruments, electronic piano.

Equipped with medical and food processing units. The building is equipped with a fire alarm system. In the kindergarten are located playground and sports fields, swimming pool.

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