In Volgograd opened production of perchlorethylene

June 1 on JSC "Khimprom" the launch of the line for the production of perchlorethylene.

Perchloroethylene is used for degreasing metals in mechanical engineering and instrument making, photopolymer when processing printed circuit boards, textile and wood industries, the chemical cleaning of textiles, manufacture of leather and fur, as well as in the production of CFCs and reactive dyes.

The project is developed by the enterprise in 2011, it will not only produce high demand today global and domestic market the product, but also reduce the amount of waste products "Chimprom" at the expense of processing sludge to attract additional revenue at minimal cost. 

Technology has been implemented on the basis of the suspended production of benzyl alcohol. For the production of new chemical products involve available production capacity, modified equipment and trained employees of the plant.

Perchloroethylene is not produced in Russia since 2009. Now the Russian textile and machine builders have the choice to use domestic or imported products.


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