In Vologda launched new water treatment system

The work of purification in Vologda to a new level. Prodolozhaetsya assembly of structures-the-art treatment facilities, and on March 16 the work launched two compressor units, which will help maximize the used water to clean.    

Compressed air systems serving air required for the activity of microorganisms that recycle waste water. They passed through the water is much cleaner and after discharge will not cause harm to the natural environment.  

— Administration of Vologda and municipal enterprise "Vologdagorvodokanal" signed an agreement with the environmental fund "Northern Dimension". The Foundation donated funds allocated in the amount of 200 million rubles. The money was used for the reconstruction of treatment facilities and sewage — said the deputy head of the Department of Urban Administration of Alexander Fediunin.

Reconstruction of treatment facilities in Vologda is the second year. Release Date is scheduled for September 2012.



The emergence of such technologies in Vologda — a major step forward. Installation of new treatment systems have a positive impact on the ecological situation in the city: the precipitate to be utilized in landfills will be less. In addition, the introduction of new technologies will save on electricity, which means that rates for wastewater Vologda will not go up, and told. about. CEO MUP "Vologdagorvodokanal" Nicholas Usachyov:

— To date, disbursed 120 million rubles. This is about 65%, which corresponds to the volume of work performed. Already has two compressor units manufactured in Poland, and today we have launched. For us, the appearance of such systems — a holiday! Compressed air systems do not require human intervention. They are very economical, they have a lot of protection against different emergencies.





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