In Vologda opened a new set of regional children’s hospital

Vologda Oblast Children's Hospital is one of the oldest medical institutions of the region. December 21 officially opened a new hospital complex. This event was the doctors and the patients waited for more than two decades, from the moment the construction of the first buildings. In 2009, the regional government has found the opportunity to complete an important object, having invested in the construction and equipment of the building 4.2 billion rubles.

Today, Vologda Oblast Children's Hospital — a modern medical facility for specialized and high quality medical care to children of the Vologda region and the city of Vologda. It contains all kinds of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of children of different ages. The total area of the new hospital buildings is 55,000 square meters. meters. The structure of the newly constructed complex deployed around the clock 400 beds hospital and consultative-diagnostic polyclinic for 250 visits per shift.

Organized an outpatient surgery center, where it will be up to 700 outpatient surgeries a year, telemedicine center to advise the districts of the region, the current receiver-ray department with low operating and anti-shock chamber, Center for eye care for premature babies, oncohematological office, operating unit, consisting 9 out of operating rooms, equipped with laminar air flow system, the separation of rehabilitation with hydrotherapy and mechanotherapy.


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