In Vologda opened Palace of Sports Chevakata

Under the bright banners, entertaining parade of athletes and opened a long-awaited triumph stands the Palace of Sports "Chevakata."


This is one of the largest sports complexes not only the region but also of the North-west. And most importantly, it is built in compliance with all the requirements of international sports, and thus be able to receive world-class tournaments

"I am very proud to say that in my hometown put a modern Palace of Sport. I've seen a lot of sports facilities in Russia and abroad. And the sports complex "Chevakata" meets all modern requirements, "- says the Olympic champion, the well-known Soviet and Russian skater Nikolai Gulyaev

The new sports complex, corresponding to the European standards, offers great opportunities — from the school of physical education classes and training before the championships of the international level. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, weightlifting, fencing, gymnastics — all these and other sports will be able to develop here.

The opening of the Palace of Sports should be an incentive for more Vologda gained access to physical culture and sports.

Symbolic key to the new Palace Mayor Eugene Shulepov handed Vologda outstanding athletes and basketball players the team "Vologda-Chevakata":

"I wish our athletes, young people use this set in full force. Our city is experiencing a real boom in sports. A 50% increase in the number of Vologda, engaged in physical culture and sports, and their 50,000 today. But we set a more ambitious goal — one in three of the city should engage in physical exercise. And the launch of this facility will be a major impetus in achieving this goal. "

Already in January there will engage boys and girls, to train sports teams. And in honor of the opening of the hall was bright concert creative teams and the first basketball game. At the site met the veterans and the young basketball sports team "VologdaChevakata."

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