Indian authorities stated that the border with China recorded the emergence of more than a hundred UFO

November 9, 2012 0:19

Between India and China, which are the owners of nuclear weapons and have territorial disputes, a new conflict about UFOs appearing from China and fly over the territory of India. This luminous spheroidal objects that recently there were more than 100. But as they say the military themselves, these objects could not be identified, as earthly aircraft.

 "More than 100 UFO seen along the border with China," said the armed forces of India. Indian troops guarding the tense plot 2100-mile border between India and China. Objects appear as glowing yellow spheres that appear on the Chinese side, slowly crossing the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. Indian military rule out the possibility that it is the Chinese drones or low-orbit satellites.

UFO puzzled DRDO, NTRO, ITBP and other Indian military organizations. According to the military, the objects appear in the daytime and at night. In September, India has deployed at the site network of radar to track objects, but they do not show up on radar, and by the military does not have a metal structure.

Indian army, said he had sent one of his drones (UAVs) in the direction of the UFO, but the object disappeared before the UAV was able to approach him. Astronomers have also confirmed that they had seen some of the same unexplained objects, but attempts to explain the data in terms of the UFO astronomical phenomena, including meteorites — is not possible. Conclusion astronomers — "These objects are not consequence of the fall of meteorites, fireballs are other celestial bodies." Indian border guards have reported more than 100 UFO sightings in the past three months.

Lack of response caused great confusion in military circles. India has made these statements, amid fears that it could be an operation aiming to Chinese army — an army of psychological pressure on India and check its readiness.

"I would not be surprised that these UFOs are a demonstration of the level of military technology to the Chinese, and I must admit — the Chinese are very advanced technologically," said former Army lieutenant general of India B. Dzhasval.

N. Ratnashri, Director Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi, believes that UFOs might be a kind of balloon — objects that reflect ambient light, given that they are visible in a few hours, which eliminates the phenomenon, such as — meteor rain.

Gaurav Tiwari, founder of the Indian Society of Paranormal, said the news coincides with reports that he had read about the secret bases of the Indian army in the Himalayas, where the data from the different sources of research projects underway including with the apparatus of extraterrestrial origin.

"Earlier, it was reported that the Indian government was in contact with the aliens and learn from technology, but of course the government denies" said Tiwari.

This is not the first time that the mysterious objects were recorded along the border, including the officially confirmed observations of unexplained lights in the last decade around Ladakh. But the number of UFOs and the frequency of their occurrence in recent months have alarm, began to receive reports of war, not only in the higher structures of Indian army, but even in the prime minister's office.

Indian troops often ignored the appearance of UFOs and does not report, as it now appears, the reason being that they were afraid of ridicule and accusations of insanity. In 2010, the air forces of India, initiated the investigation into the appearance of the mysterious lights in the sky in relation to the number of reports received from the military units, but the then commander, General NC Vij, angrily dismissed similar reports of a UFO with a motivation that is hallucinating and Chinese lanterns and banned the military to continue the investigation and preparation of such reports.

Sunil Dhar, a professor of geology works in Dharamsala, has been in the research expedition with four other geologists and several journalists in 2004, when they saw a UFO at least 10 meters in diameter, when one morning, they walked down the hill from his camp.

When an object is approached, some in the group began to panic, and the UFO climbed up the hill, changes color from white to black metal and rising into the air hung in the same place for about 10 minutes before disappearing.

"We were all amazed," he said. "We believe that it is a UFO, the object of any place that can not be the earth."

They provided photographs UFO authorities, they said, but the government did not publish the report.

"UFOs in this area should be explored," he said. "Why do they show up in these places and in such numbers? It is very important not only for India but for the whole of humanity. "

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