Inexpensive and severely — city armored compact car Tata MBPV

Small car Tata Nano, which was supposed to be the cheapest kind vehicle in the world, did not live up to expectations «Tata Motors». Even car sales in the country of origin — India, did not come to the limit of the company's statement. This state of affairs the company decided to improve with new developments. One of their armored car with electric drive for the police or military forces we now make out.

Cheap and cheerful - city light armored vehicle Tata MBPV

Tata Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle appeared at an exhibition of military equipment and weapons «Defexpo 2012". Project armored runabout did together «Tata Motors» and «VRDE-DRDO» — Military NIO India. Outside armored car does not have any nice features. But the developers have stated outright that the machine has not been created for beauty, and to perform the functions required of it. It must be emphasized that all the cars produced in India will not shine outer beauty and have a specific a narrow wheelbase. Parts of the body are made of bulletproof material, which provide protection against small weapons and light fragments of grenades. Visible Connection roof angles and the side sheets designed to reflect hand grenades and rifle-launched grenades shooting guns. Established by the introduction of electronic engine provided the machine for 6 hours. Tata MBPV weighs 1.1 tons and has a top speed of 20 km / h Most desired load — 200 kg. Because of light weight and set the suspension unit, machine has superior maneuverability — making turns on the spot and overcomes stair lifts houses, the angle of elevation to 20 degrees. Presented at the exhibition provided a copy of the wheel joystick type. Owning a silent stroke, Tata MBPV to become assistant special forces in counter-terrorism operations of urban values.

Cheap and cheerful - city light armored vehicle Tata MBPV

Representatives of the "Tata Motors »said armored electric machine« Tata MBPV »- this is the first machine, opens a whole range of t for military and special units of the company "Tata Motors ».

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