Instead of Yaroslav the Wise in the sarcophagus found two women

The Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv" complete study of the remains found in the sarcophagus of Kyiv Prince Yaroslav the Wise. It turns out, the ashes of Prince disappeared, instead, found in the tomb of the remains of two women. And that's not all …

Moscow Institute of Anthropology tries to identify "podsidevshih" Prince of the deceased on the basis of DNA examination. A retractable version, that one of them — the wife of Grand Duke Irina (Ingigerda). However, the remains can be seen that during the life of the women engaged in hard work. A new move given case studies of scientists from the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry under NAS and MES of Ukraine. Bone age is different for 1580 years: the lower part — XIII century, and top — BC!

Sarcophagus with the remains of Yaroslav the Wise was opened six years ago. Specialists would re-create the image of the prince in his skull to determine the age and cause of death of a historical figure of Kievan Rus. Was also interesting to know whether he was in genotype outsider or Slav. However, the remains of Prince mysteriously disappeared, and instead were found female bone. As the remains were in the sarcophagus, and where the remains of Prince Yaroslav the disappeared remains a mystery. Deputy Director of the Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv" Irina Margolin suggests that perhaps at some point the researchers mixed bone, because from 1936 to 2009, the year the sarcophagus were opened four times.

The fact that until 1936 the sarcophagus was just dust Yaroslav, the researchers found through research and historical records. Found the skeleton belonged to a man aged about 70 years, which in life had growth of 175 centimeters and a congenital limp.

One of the possible locations of the remains of Grand Duke — New York. It is possible that in 1943 they were taken to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Poland with the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas Wet, who recently discovered at the Brooklyn church.

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