Invisible demons

September 10, 2012 16:02

Invisible demons

In May 1876 in the streets of Nanjing in China came a terrible panic in the city freely roamed the invisible demons, cutting people traditional braids. Vainly citizens covered heads with their arms — all to no avail.

Panic spread to Shanghai, and then to other Chinese cities, where old fears and have added a new one — the fear of the unknown forces that are killing people in their sleep.

Mass hysteria going on for about three years, and all these years of "evil spirit, cutting hair" was elusive.

Since then, there have been similar incidents in other places. Writes in his book "The Religious System of China" (1892), the author of De Groot, the first cases of mass panic in China because of the "stealth strigshih hair" dating back to the time of the Wei dynasty in the period from 477 to 517 AD . e.

Newspaper reports about such events in China as a result, as a rule, only a condescending smile in Europe. But smile vanished when a panic of this kind did not appear anywhere, and in England!
It happened in 1922 in London. Young girls grabbed an invisible hand that had cut their hair and mysteriously disappeared. Attempts gallant English cavalry to help the charming Miss not been successful.

In the book "The Other Side" (1969), Bishop James Pike wrote about the strange phenomena that followed the suicide of his son.

Once, for example, his assistant woke up and saw that someone carefully trim the flame to her hair. The same story was repeated the next day, and three weeks later one of the strands of cut fire was lying on the table beside her bed.

Description of another, even more bizarre case can be found in the pages of "Religious and philosophical journal" in its issue of October 4, 1873 in Menomonie, Wisconsin, a young girl, who was standing at that moment with his mother (there was nobody around), I felt as "someone clipped her hair almost down to the roots, and in doing so completely evaporate."

Here's an explanation of what this case is given by MD Fayvishevsky VA: "The explanation for cases of hair shorn in China should be sought in the political situation in the country at the time. It was closely covered, for example, in the book by J. Sidihmenova "Manchu rulers of China" (Wiley, 1985)
Came from the north Manchu conquerors who invaded the Chinese throne in 1644 and ruled until 1912, of course, caused by the hatred of the conquered people. Chinese forced to wear her hair, which was considered a sign of humility Manchu emperor.

Therefore a form of protest against the Manchu rule was cutting off the spit.
In 1895, the Chinese democratic revolutionary Sun Yat-sen in the Japanese port of Kobe as a sign of defiance Manchu rulers and shaved her hair.

In 1902, the founder of modern Chinese literature, Lu Xun went to Japan for further education. Enrolling in the University of Tokyo, he cut off her hair — this symbol of enslavement of Chinese Manchus.

But not everyone can decide on such a public outcry. During the years of the Manchu government, tens of thousands of people were killed for refusing to wear a braid. In order not to lose his head, had to invoke the intervention of spirits, unknown forces, — it has a lot safer.

But similar cases in London, most probably, a real epidemic of rumors. Incidentally, it is interesting to consider why these rumors are just to deprivations of hair. Ethnographers know that many people "dead" parts of the body — hair, nails — once attached a mystical significance.
This is probably due to ancient people seemed strange combination of "live" and "dead" in a person? No chance for magical rituals were important precisely nails and hair enemies. Therefore deprivation hair ascribed to "supernatural" powers. "

We now turn to even more severe form of violence when the victim appear stab or gunshot wounds from an invisible weapon.

In the newspaper "New York taymc" on December 8, 1931 article posted Captain German steamer "Brehzee" eve anchor in the port of Horsens, Jutland, which talks about the strange incident: during a storm in front of the captain inexplicably wounded one person. He appeared on his head wound four inches long, after which he fell unconscious on the deck.

Dr. Fayvishevsky VA and this case is not considered mysterious: "In order to get injured in the storm, do not want to" help "the invisible. Strong wind could tear off a piece or trim any detail with sharp edges, which injures the person. "

In principle, yes. But why the captain did not see this part.

April 23, 1922 British "People" published the correspondence of its reporters from the hospital, "Charing Cross" in London went there on April 16, 1922 a patient with a knife wound in the neck. He wanted to (or could not) tell only that, turning off Coventry Street, he got a knife wound and fell to the pavement.

After a few hours in the hospital got a second patient who received a similar wound and told the same story. Finally, the same day another man inexplicably was wounded at the same intersection.
Charles Mc Kay in his book "Unusual mass hallucinations and collective madness" gives details of panic in Paris in March 1623, caused by the arrival of the Rosicrucians.

Marais du Temple soon became particularly notorious: it "none of the residents could not consider themselves safe, no girl or woman could not be sure of his honor … people were afraid to shoot in the area housing to avoid being kicked out after six Invisible Order of the Rose Cross. "

September 26, 1923 the British "Daily Mail" humorously wrote that in Lahore Indian coolies are convinced there is a "mumiay" — an unseen creature that roams around and enough people in broad daylight.
In 1890, "Religious and philosophical journal" wrote about mass panic in Japan: the population was convinced that there was an invisible, causing people wounds to the neck length of one inch.

It reminds us of the history contained in the collection of medieval Welsh legends "Mabinogion" where Kasvaldon son of Beli, magic cloth covered, making it invisible to crack down on the leaders of hostile tribes, which, falling on the ground, did not even see his murderer, but only the edge of the sword, which has taken its material only for a moment before the fatal blow.

In his book "The strange thing" (1962) Frank Edwards wrote in detail about the case of Jimmy de Bruin, who worked on a farm Datong, South Africa, this man seemed, stood in the center of the wiles of "evil spirits."

During the investigation in August 1960, held police commissioner John Wessels and three constables, all four heard twenty Jimmy screamed in pain. He was dressed in shorts and could see his legs appeared wounds.

Wounds occurred within a few days in a row. They were "neat," as if they were made with a razor blade or scalpel.

All the witnesses in one voice say that, in any case, the young man himself could not deliver them yourself.

At the time, Charles Fort has suggested that if you can teleport a variety of things you can and wounds "projected" onto other people. In all cases, the "invisible enemies," there is one common thing: the wounds appear on the body under clothing, for which there are no traces of punctures.

"" Projection wounds ", or applying their" evil spirit ", can be explained by the stigmata appearing on a non-religious basis."

Connection with the phenomena attributed to "evil spirits", especially evident in the "case of Phelps." Venue — Stratford, CT, duration — 1850

Events took place mainly around twelve sons Phelps Harry. In his book "Ghosts and the Devil" Serston describe some events that look like someone's malicious attacks on any innocent boy: he was falling rocks, running someone's invisible hand, raises his mighty hand in the air and bob his head on the ceiling.

Once he was thrown into the water tank. One day, in front of witnesses dumbfounded invisible force hung it on a tree branch, and then began to methodically tear his clothes to pieces.

Generally "invisible," as evidenced by the chronicles, have a special dislike, apparently, to the children.
The impression arises, for example, when reading "The accounts of the extraordinary events that took place with the children of Mr. Richard Dzhayla" written some Durbin (1860), which describes in detail the cases of various assaults on children in the family, and no one has so and did not see any of the attackers.
Once "invisible" for example, was left on the face of one of the children Dzhayla bite marks. Another time, witnesses saw a terrible sight: the invisible hand of the girl choked, neck, something increasingly squeezed, and the neck muscles of the girls to be seen.

Later, other children in the family were victims of the "invisible": they are pushed, dragged, beaten and spit upon.
Once for one night only five witnesses saw "some invisible twenty times biting their hands … any way they themselves could not do it, because all this time we watched them intently.

There are many reports of "stealth sniper" whose bullets, like "ghost teeth", leave no trace, except for injuries to the neck.

Fort mentions three murders, the investigation of which the police had to assume that the victim's killer dressed as their bodies were found gunshot wounds, while the clothes remained intact.

The oldest in this case, apparently, is the one which took place October 2, 1875 in Germany, near Berlin. According to the magazine "Science Popyular," one man heard a whistling sound (his companions, and so it is not heard), and found in his right hand penetrating wound, as if done by the punch it right through a bullet.
In 1761, five women from Ventimiglia, Northern Italy, returned home with a bundle of firewood. Suddenly, one of them cried out, and fell down dead. Her companions came to the indescribable horror at the sight before them a show.

This was a terrible accident, it was reported the French Academy of Sciences M. Moran. In "Ennual's Register" for 1761 are The words to the fact that the most worthy of wonder with one mysterious circumstance wear (where it has been preserved on the body) has not been the subject of hurt, inflict wounds. It looked as if the woman was the center instant, silent and deadly explosion.
Dr. Fayvishevsky VA commented on this case: "It is possible to assume that the poor woman got a meteorite. In this case, it might really be, as the authors say, in the center of an "instantaneous, silent and deadly explosion."

Be that as it may, the most incredible stories always have a natural explanation, if they are not outright fiction, fruit of human imagination or affected mysticism of the imagination. "

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