Iodine deficiency threatens Ukrainian nation reduced intelligence

The fight against iodine deficiency nationally. This week, the Cabinet was to prepare proposals on how to strengthen the iodine prophylaxis population. Such an order given by the President. In addition, recent UN urged Ukrainians to the state program. Indeed, the number of thyroid disease sufferers is growing every day. But we need to do not so much: to prevent the disease, each recommend to have to use up to 7 grams of iodized salt. It's indeed Allah knows Schelycheva.

School girl with sad eyes and taciturn father. At the reception, an endocrinologist they do not expect good news. The girl has serious problems with the thyroid gland. But the doctor calms, the operation is not necessary. While …

To see a doctor every day come children. From all regions of Ukraine. Patients have one thing — the lack of iodine in the body. Hence schitovitkoy problems, cancer and low levels of cognitive development.

Natalia Zelenskaya Dr. med sciences zavotdeleniem child and adolescent endocrinology (the Institute), President of the Association pediatric endocrinologists Ukraine

— Iodine deficiency, it affects almost all organs and systems. If you provide the full range of states of iodine deficiency in the form of an iceberg, the iceberg on this would be a drop of intelligence.

These effects are almost every student. Because of the small consumption of micronutrients iodine at risk — children, adolescents, and pregnant women. The World Health Organization estimated — Ukrainians consume iodine in half the norm. Specialists are sure to solve the problem, you can simply and cheaply.

Alla Schelycheva correspondent:

— Doctors advise women of the house to change the contents of the shaker and instead of the normal use of iodized salt. Add it to soups, borscht, meatballs, and of all the rest. The same experts recommend companies that produce bread, pasta, sausages and other products. Thus reducing iodine deficiency Ukrainians.

Now more than 130 countries at the state level are struggling with this problem. Special programs, based on the mandatory use of iodized salt, not only in Ukraine and Russia.

Vladimir Pankov, head of the department of endocrine disease prevention (Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center for Endocrine Surgery, transplant, endocrine organs and tissues):

— Program, the need for it, even already ashamed colleagues from Western Europe to prove why, tell why it is not accepted. Here Uzbekistan adopted a program three years ago, they have goiter rate was 90% in children, now for three years, it dropped to 60%.

And in western Ukraine to fight iodine deficiency now. A couple of weeks ago on this loaf bakery started producing in such packages. The use of trace elements beneficial for the producer a little more expensive, but the taste is the same.

Vladimir Krajewski, director of production bakery:

— Smakuє, target normal product harchovy, i vmіst iodine Especially here in nomu not vіdchuvaєtsya.

While only some bread and only one region. But soon the initiative with iodine can support other manufacturers. Insist on this, and representatives of the UN.

Trush Olena, rukovditel projects on nutrition of UNICEF:

— Stink rozumіyut scho potrіbno Tse, Tse stink rozumіyut scho Mozhna zrobiti but practical … oskіlki nemaє regulatory zakonodavchoї Bazi, a yak to permit їm zamіniti zvichaynu sіl on yodovanu.

Although only one iodized salt, not solve the problem, recognize and physicians, and government officials, but should start with this.

Alla Schelycheva, Sofia Gordienko, Maxim and Yury Cheblin Golubinka, "Details", the TV channel "Inter"

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