It is necessary to choose any, but would not become Lukashenko, and then we'll see …


Mrs.The contest "could replace him. Because for me better than any other man than he is. He holds on to power, and no one wants to share it. This is something unhealthy, if that person holds on to power. "

Mr."My opinion is that Lukashenko has fulfilled his, and this dictator, who by good will come of the pair to resign. It could replace the very Andrei Sannikov, who is now running for president. It is necessary to select any, was not only to Lukashenko, and then we'll see. I work in manufacturing, and that system of labor contracts, which he did, it's now serfdom. "

Mr."I, for one, have not heard of or seen. In my opinion, it is too early to change it, yet we do not have any problems. "

Guy"I think it is normal and true. Now I'm in the two higher education institutions, my scholarship, my parents have a job, and I this is enough. I want a quiet life, that there was no war. "

Mr."Yes it can replace any! Enough, he showed himself as president: what came with that and walked away. I think it's time Nekljaev-Sannikov could replace him, to have confidence in them. "

Mrs."His Prime Minister Sidorsky could replace him, he inspires confidence."

Mrs."It's a shame that I do not know anyone who could replace, not even the media to something somewhere about anyone to read. And very much like this, at least by comparison, just to see. We've learned that we have the same thing, we know that there is so, and the next year will be different. "


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