It seems poetic history of Belarus

"The Way. Persons opinions, voices. Rhymed story in shades of Belarusian spirit. " Is the title of the book historian Sergei Kovalev, who will prezentavatstsa November 18 in Minsk headquarters of the Belarusian Language Society.

Ph.D. in History Sergei Kovalev — Born in Vitebsk. He worked as a lecturer at University of Technology, but for his democratic views had been dismissed. Seriously ill, he sent his forces to create a rhyming stories of the motherland. See his work he does not lesila — seven years author died the day of his pyatsidesyatsigoddya.

His book is called "The Way. Persons opinions, voices. Rhymed story in shades of Belarusian spirit "was published in This year, the publisher "knigosbor" 100 copies of the means of relatives author. Wrote the preface to her Vladimir Orlov, Kovalev, who was a classmate at the History Department of the Belarusian State University. He recalls.

"Probably, the meaning of human life is to possible quickly understand their role in this world, to merge with it, do it. Sergei's path to this understanding was quite tortuous. When we speak Belarusian, when we already had the motherland, he looked at us a little bit ironic. But then it is inevitable, I say inevitable because he was a historian by training, had also come to understand ourselves Byelorussian, he found his home, and he had time to devote to their homeland, its history book of his life. "

The presentation involved friends and classmates author, his widow Nina Kovalyov, as well as lead singer of "Stary Olsa" master musician and Ales Chumakov. Beginning at 17 hours.

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