Ivonka Survila turned to Dalia Grybauskaite

Chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila wrote an open letter to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, which stated that "it Lukashenko has been and remains a major threat to the sovereignty of Belarus."

According to the "Solidarity" in his letter Ivonka Survila Dalia Grybauskaite says: "The Belarusian society with anxiety perceived your unconditional support, Alexander Lukashenko as a presidential candidate who, in spite of the good will of the European Union, not only does not fulfill the conditions of Europe on the political system and Human Rights in Belarus, but perseveres destroy the national values of the Belarusian people, "- said Ivonka Survila.

"His position you, Madam President, argues desire stability, — says the chairman of BNR. — Let me remind episodes of recent history, which indicate that the pro-democracy Solidarity can have a much more positive result than the desire to maintain stability. In 1989, it was in Vilnius at the invitation of the then leadership of Lithuania was held the first congress of the Belarusian Popular Front, which put forward the idea of restoring the Belarusian Independence. in January 1991, when Gorbachev decided to enter in Lithuania "state of emergency" to destroy the independence of Lithuania, Moscow's troops attacked teletsentar in Vilnius killing civilians. These actions Kremlin explained in including and the need to "maintain stability" in the Soviet empire. In those days, Vilnius visited by a group of deputies of the Belarusian parliament and the parliamentary group of the Popular Front Sergei Navumchyk made in the Lithuanian parliament with words of solidarity and called on members of foreign parliamentary delegations not to leave the building until there is a threat of assault. In those days, the Belarusian national forces then supported by Lithuania at a critical time for her, against the wishes of the Kremlin. Let me remind you also that while many in the West tended to justify the actions of Gorbachev, who they thought was the guarantor of stability. "

The Chairman further BNR Ivonka Survila said: "History, however, has disposed differently — that national solidarity movements contributed to the disintegration of the Soviet empire. I am pleased Very Dear Madam President, today and feel the solidarity of Lithuania against Belarus. I understand your concern regarding the Belarusian independence when some of the current presidential candidates express undue liking for Russia, while the whole history shows that Moscow has always sought to capture our country. But it is the politics Lukashenko sixteen years of his presidency led to the political and economic dependence of Belarus from Russia. After so many years of his presidency, he was ready to join Belarus to Russia in Moscow invented the "union state".

"President Lukashenko snubbed national symbols, Belarus destroyed national culture, Belarusian schools are closed, held total Russification — it gives reason to believe that in their attitude to the Belarusian Independence Lukashenko has not changed. And that Lukashenko was and remains a major threat for Belarus sovereignty "- completes the chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila his open letter to the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

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