Japan evacuated more than 400,000 people from flood threat

At least 400,000 people in south-western Japan on Saturday received an order in the near future to leave their homes for fear of flooding, according agentstvoFrans Press.

Heavy rains, do not stop in the region for several days, have killed at least 20 people, at least 9 are missing.

According to the weather service, near the island of Kyushu, where the order for evacuation were about 260 thousand people, the amount of precipitation on Saturday is 11 centimeters per hour. In the prefecture of Kumamoto 72 hours dropped 75 centimeters of precipitation.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, were destroyed at least 820 homes, the flow of water washed away the bridge.

"Two men were rescued from the landslide, but in what condition they are — is unknown. Another woman has not yet been able to extract the surface. I do not remember that in our prefecture ever happened such a huge flood" — said the press Secretary of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Forecasters in the next few days do not expect the weather to improve.

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