Joe Biden at the Munich Conference: wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya — great strides

On Sunday last week, she graduated from the Munich Security Conference. Its main issues are referred to as the problem of Iran's nuclear and Syrian conflict. Among the "minor" that was Malian question. Meeting of Sergey Lavrov, and Joe Biden in general was held behind closed curtain. "Hit of the program" — a favorite of the Syrian armed opposition Sheikh Muaz al-Khatib — is also more and more "hanging out" behind the scenes.

Joe Biden at the Munich Conference: wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya - the major successes

Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League on the Syrian crisis, Lakhdar Brahimi, and behind him the head of the National Coalition opposition and revolutionary forces of Syria (NKORS) Ahmed Muaz al-Khatib gave estimates what is happening in the country. Brahimi complained about the inaction of the UN Security Council, where Russia and China have blocked several resolutions on Syria. A sovereign Khatib, not the carcass, said he was going right here at the conference, bilateral meetings (ie behind the scenes), ask the representatives of global powers, not excluding the Vice-President of the United States, to support the opposition, ready to topple "the regime of Bashar Assad ".

Official representatives of the government in Damascus, it is not hard to guess, was not invited to the forum. Sergey Lavrov, apparently, did not do on the accent in his speech. But he did not back down from the previous positions of the Russian Federation in respect of the Syrian conflict. He said:

"If you look at a troubled region now — Middle East, North Africa, the hard to get rid of some twisted sense of place. There are many questions in relation to the approach of our Western colleagues. We all wish, that in the Middle East, the African continent and other regions has been provided stability, therefore it is necessary to agree on a transparent and clear rules that should govern all external players in their own practical actions. "

Which is it rules — transparent, but still understandable? This stud West which that is waging war against the Syrian people at the same time with alkaidovtsami and other Islamists, then supports the fight against religious radicals in Mali.

After such statements on the sidelines of the conference our minister talked with a friend Brahimi. And Joe Biden talked with Ahmed Muaz al-Khatib. Everyone — his own. There is nothing new under the sun, as has long been used to say very wise preacher.

On the subject of Iran's nuclear, the parties also did not say anything new. Repetition — the mother exercises, oh how you can describe briefly the results of the Munich forum. Tehran said there was no evidence of nuclear programs from military orientation, and the representatives of the Western powers urged Iran was the first to make concessions.

In the West, apparently, does not believe that the "suspect" is a suspect until such time as his guilt has not been confirmed. Though what to whom showed finger West, immediately becomes the accused. And in walks the accused before the time, until justify working. Any lawyer in the world (except, perhaps, Obama learned in law school at Harvard) such judicial logic is not attracted to. But democracy is democracy, and the Germans and their guests made a comrade Ali Akbar Salehi defend. He even had to raise a voice.

February 3 broke heated discussion about the nuclear program there Iran. Salehi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, quite resonant voice of the West rejected the accusations that his country is making a nuclear bomb.

"Where is the confirmation? — Outraged Salehi, raising his hands to the glass ceiling in the hall of the Tsarskoye «Bayerischer Hof». — Show me a report on the paper, and I — on your side. " The head of the committee on foreign policy in the German Bundestag Ruprecht Polenz insisted that the international community should not justify the hidden intent of Tehran, Iran and its peaceful intentions. Polents also aggressively criticized Tehran's anti-Israel rhetoric, "This is unacceptable."

By the way, Salehi referred to the date of the subsequent round of negotiations with the "six" of international mediators: February 25. The venue of the meeting will be Kazakhstan.

At a conference in Munich did not come nor French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, nor Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. That is why the theme of Malian and went to the second plan.

But behind the scenes open a discussion fairly basic stuff.

During a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, before this is often criticized Russia, some suddenly spoke in friendly tones. The very few partnerships. We are talking about something is not neutral, and the normalization of relations 2-states.

Washington proposed start with the normalization of cooperation in areas that do not cause 2-conflict states. Combating WMD — an appropriate field of cooperation. Term actions applets Nunn — Lugar comes summer, and renew it refuses Our homeland. Under the contract, U.S. provides assistance to other countries in the disposal of decommissioned nuclear and chemical weapons and their means of delivery. Over the past 20 years has been destroyed by programmke 7610 nuclear warheads, 33 submarines, 902 intercontinental ballistic missiles, 155 bombers and hundreds of other means of delivery. A renewal agreement Moscow explained to the fact that they no longer need for subsidies.

Journalists are already aware of the conditions in which Moscow is ready to sign a new agreement. However, such is to be signed in this case, if the condition "will be based on equality and respond to current realities." The prototype for the contract can serve as updated in 2010, the 2002 agreement for the disposal of plutonium: both parties share in the liabilities and "fairly distribute the responsibility." As for the programs from Nunn — Lugar, the contractors of the United States, hired to work in Russia, were not responsible for the tragedy and the state of emergency caused by their fault.

That's not all. In the brand-new Russian government lusted agreement to restrict access to certain objects Yankees.

For a discussion of the criterion put forward by the Russian side this month in Moscow arrive Rose Gottemoeller — Senior Deputy Secretary of State. In Washington rushed action: they say they want to go faster on certain arrangements. But, as stated firmly representative of the Russian delegation in Munich, "in contrast to the 1990s., Moscow is" nothing in a hurry will not do. "

Speaking at the conference, Joe Biden said, that Washington and Moscow have successfully carried out a "reset" of relations, mentioned at all this joint voting for sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council, the contract START and Russia's entry into the WTO. He said, and differences with Russia, first missile defense system in Europe. But the decision of the question, he did not say a word.
But Sergei Lavrov, in response reminded the Russian position that Moscow is seeking assurances that the European missile defense is not aimed against Russia.

What are thinking about a conference in Munich abroad?

Kaveh Afrasiabi, Ph.D., founder and co-author of several books, writes in "Asia Times", it was time for an accurate optimism. Iran and the United States, he says, are on the verge of historical ability to repair their own "frozen" relations. It's time to do it, said the scientist, noting that all previous abilities were lost — just because one or the other side was not "ready".

Fortunately, says the creator, the current situation is different from the previous ones. And it was this that gives cause for optimism accurate, especially in the light of positive statements from U.S. and Iranian officials, namely, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden which while in the role of the 49th Security Conference in Munich announced that the U.S. is ready for a serious dialogue with Iran. Meanwhile, he took a step, which Iran has reciprocated by Minister Salehi referred to Biden as a "step forward". Then he confirmed that his country is ready to negotiate.

At the same time, in response to Biden's remarks that the window is open diplomacy is not forever, and that all options remain on the table, Salehi rightly denounced as "contradictory" intentions of the United States immediately to negotiate and there is "threatening to use this rhetoric … it is not compatible … We'll be ready for the role only when we read on an equal footing. "

So Makar, words, words, and America, famous for his double standards, have to prove its good intentions really are. Either she is ready for a dialogue, or it like characters Orwell would feel "more equal than others."

Segodnyaschy South American strategy toward Iran is reduced to two nuances: deterrence and containment of the Iranian government fervor of Iran to acquire nuclear weapon. With regard to the latter, Hillary Clinton, in his closing address to the Council gossekretarskom international relations marked by the value of the Iranian nuclear threat, and confirmed that the U.S. firm wants to "prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons."

There is a contradiction, says analyst. After all, Iran is already headed for the threshold of nuclear capability by mastering the complete nuclear fuel cycle, and it is like that, which should be taken into account and fully integrated in near-real U.S. strategy on Iran. Indescribable, says creator, but the United States is not in a position to make a fundamental difference between the possible and the actual abilities and create a befitting policies constructed taking into account the existing differences.

What we have in the end? If the U.S. wants to insist on the suspension of uranium enrichment applets, it's worthless. This, according to the views of the scientist, is doomed to failure — in the light of the clear signals of Iranian control that they do not end up uranium enrichment activities in all circumstances.

But that Tehran could (and willing) to make out, as is the establishment of a volunteer ceiling order to enrich uranium. For example, it could be a temporary suspension of 20% enrichment or that are similar. This analyst sees some compromises that do not infringe on the "inalienable right to nuclear" Iran, as enshrined in the articles of the contract on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT).

All this can be supplemented by efforts to strengthen cooperation between Iran and the IAEA.

Taken together, these steps will give Iran an "objective guarantee" of the peaceful purposes of nuclear temper and applets.

But will these steps to lift Western sanctions against Iran? And the U.S. ready to reciprocate movement of Iran? Whether Washington will depart from coercive diplomacy, which has become his second nature? Another question is, what role will assume U.S. allies such as Britain or France.

Christoph Dreyer (World Socialist Web Site) Emphasizes that Biden used a field conference in order to confirm the U.S. claim to be a global hegemon. In his speech on Saturday he said that "the United States is a Pacific power," along with "the greatest military alliance in the world" (NATO) will keep "our government" and over the Atlantic and the Pacific region over — thanks to "our newest defense strategy."

Western policy of a potential military intervention in the fundamental geo-strategic regions of the world, U.S. Vice President justified social endures

"Today, in North Africa and the Near East some countries, — he said — the extremists are trying to use the permeability of borders, the large number of uncontrolled territories; accessibility tools, the new government, which from time to time have no ability to fight extremism; outflow of states generation of disaffected young people whose desire stifles economic stagnation. "

A similar situation, explained the vice-president of the United States asks

"Integrated approach and the introduction of a complete set of tools at our disposal, including the armed forces."

It seems to be enough already, but Joe Biden continued. He went so far as that presented a merciless war against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as a great success, and even referred to them models for future campaigns.

As for Syria, Biden reiterated the U.S. demand for "regime change." He said that President Assad of Syria — this "tyrant, obsessed with clinging to power," not suitable tribute to the Syrian people and "go." According to a report in the "Times of London", says the creator of articles, the United States gave Israel a green light for further air strikes on Syria after the bombing of Tel Aviv targets in Syria on January 30.

By the way, the vice-president of the United States did not make any secret of the fact that South American initiative coming in the Middle East and North Africa, is focused on the Chinese influence in the region and is generally associated with the anti-China political and diplomatic advent of the Obama administration, known as the "turn to Asia" .

In response, representatives of the European powers gave Biden realize that they are very willing to participate in the re-colonization of the Near East and North Africa, in cooperation with the United States.

The German government just announced that it will not stand aside. Both ministers of Germany — Guido Westerwelle (Foreign Affairs) and Thomas de Mezieres (defense) — identified the importance of cooperation with the United States and its support for Western intervention in the affairs of Syria, and also Mali. Westerwelle promised favorite NKORS Khatib "active support" from Germany.

Curiously, the same couple of times Westerwelle highlighted the importance of partnership with Russia. Germany's not interested in a confrontation with China and Russia, which has its own interests in the Middle East. And China has its own — in Africa.

There are no double standards smell, and triple.

Jay Solomon of the «The Wall Street Journal» focuses on the West's skepticism about the merits of progress in the negotiations on the nuclear deal.

He said, namely, that the main nuclear Iranian negotiator — is Saeed Jalili. This man — a personal favorite of the High Representative of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the latter forcefully expressed his unwillingness to curtail Iran's nuclear program from. Mr. J
alili plays where huge role in shaping Iran's nuclear policy, if Mr. Salehi, received, by the way, education in the United States, specialty nuclear physicist.

The creator also shows that the new South American Secretary of State, past Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, has a reputation for militancy, not of this "hawk", like his predecessor Hillary Clinton. As for the Secretary of Defense, the candidate for the post, Chuck Hagel, led lawmakers in confusion, saying that he would work to "contain" a nuclear applets Iran, if approved as head of the Pentagon. However, it is also explained that the policy of President Obama is not to give Iran the ability to make a nuclear weapon, and not to delay Tehran after receiving it.

Mr. Biden in Munich had to "minimize" harm from the comments of Mr. Hagel and emphasize the position of Barack Obama, who wants to use all means, including, perhaps, and military force to prevent Iran from making a bomb. Biden just said:

"As clearly given to understand Iranian President Obama favorites, our policy is not containment — is not deterrence. We must prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. "

In Europe, the EU diplomat familiar with the talks, they say that it is not clear whether Iran is really interested in compromise. Ms. Ashton, namely, insisted that there were no negotiations for the sake of negotiations, and stated that Iran should make the first step to build trust.

So Makar, nothing really new at a conference in Munich did not hear, except for the fact that Vice President Biden had to repeat theses own boss Obama, who in Washington, defending himself from the attacks of the "hawks" like McCain, could not help shake the candidate for minister of defense — Chuck Hagel. Should also highlight the backstage meeting with Sergei Lavrov Joe Biden, on which it came to the normalization of relations between Russia and the United States. Perhaps golf partnership will soon be fighting with weapons of mass destruction. A stumbling block, as before, will be the European missile defense.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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