John McCain has said that the world has now become a much better, so as Kim Jong Il died

John McCain has said that the world is now a much better, because Kim Jong Il has diedJohn McCain (South American senator, Republican Party) said that the world has now become a much better, so as Kim Jong-il finally died. (This happened on December 17.) Mitt Romney (Republican) and then offered to use his death to change the dictatorial regime in the country.

As reported by RIA "Novosti", McCain said that for more than 60 years, the citizens of North Korea live in the most severe criteria full mode, in comparison with others, ever present. Republican commented, "I am only able to express the full satisfaction of the fact that this" great leader "in the end went to hell. And I'm sure he would find there own brethren in the set are: Stalin, Bin Laden, Hitler and Gaddafi. "

And at this point, based on the submission of the senator, there was "a historic opportunity" to re-connect one people in one country (South and North Korea), which ultimately will allow to strengthen safety throughout region. J. McCain confident that these reforms should be the pioneer of America, with all this taking for themselves in China assistants.

A little earlier the same point of view voiced and Mitt Romney (Republican) which, by the way, claim to the presidency. He referred to the North Korean favorite "ruthless tyrant" and said that Washington should use his death to change today mode country. M. Romney commented: "Kim Jong Il has taken pleasure, luxury, and its people at this time and golodoval nischebrodnichal. He was developing nuclear weapons, other modes of control he was selling missile and nuclear technology, and even more frightening, he threatened South Korea — their fellow men of military aggression. "

The representatives of the U.S. administration's own estimates were somewhat more restrained. Jay Carney (official dealer of white houses), explained that the U.S. administration at the moment can not make any predictions about the development of the situation in North Korea. But she hopes that the government said the country will be able to maintain stability in the region, and also to fulfill all its commitments on denuclearization. Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State), in turn, said that the school is interested in, that North Korea's transfer of power took place peacefully and stability in the region remained unbroken. She also highlighted that the United States is "very concerned" about the life of the DPRK people.

According disk imaging, taken from the report of George Little (Pentagon spokesman), Leon Pennetta (head of the Pentagon) has recently open a discussion with Kim Kwang-jin, his co-worker from South Korea, security in the region. "Both sides have come to a mutual agreement about the fact that today we have to be extremely careful in matters related to the security."

It should be noted that Kim Jong-il, North Korea's favorite, being at the age of 69 years died during the trip on his own armored train on Dec. 17 of a heart attack.

Leader's body was placed in a tomb Kymsusan that is in Pyongyang. There's also the remains of his father, Kim Il Sung. The funeral is scheduled for December 28. It is clear that the commission, which is organizing the funeral, heads the official heir and youngest son, Kim Jong-un's favorite. Incidentally, the committee consists of more than 232 people.

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