John McCain on the Russian Federation (The Washington Post, USA)

John McCain on Russia ("The Washington Post", USA)Now, Senator John McCain said an impassioned speech at the School of promising international research work of the Institute of Johns Hopkins University. Let's start with the announcement: he and Senator John Kyl (Jon Kyl) «close» to agreement on a brand new treaty on strategic offensive arms. Kyle is trying to achieve from the administration promises to modernize the arsenal and McCain wants to ensure that the contract will not prevent our plans for missile defense. In other words, this means that they want to make a better deal, not to disrupt the vote.

But the bulk of his speech was devoted to the review of the policy of "reset" that McCain criticizes.

"The point, my friends, is that the test administration to restart the business with Russia were not really new, though dictated by good intentions. And administration Clinton and administration Bush came to power, wonder what their predecessors behaved correctly with Russia … At the moment we are just watching another attempt to restart the Russian-American affairs.

At the moment, we need more realism in respect of — of the history of our relations in the near future, the severe shortcomings of Russian power, the discrepancies between the Russian and South American interests, and the lack of shared values of our governments. To arrive at these conclusions, we do not need Wikileaks, my friends. All that we have long before my eyes. "

Typically, he uses the word "realism" because this term specifically Obama's advisers on international relations represent the foreign policy of his administration. But McCain Stresses that administration is not a realistic policy, and lives in a world of dreams and almost goes to the harsh sacrifices a lot in return.

"For example, the United States is interested to develop and deploy missile defenses in Europe, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov says that it is" totally unacceptable "and threatened to withdraw from the contract on the New START Treaty, if we create. We are interested in how to start negotiations with Russia on the reduction of the supplies of its tactical nuclear weapons, almost ten times superior our, Our homeland and, judging by the latest news, increasing their role in their own military doctrine. We are interested in the open global energy market, and our homeland as before is using oil and gas as a political weapon. We support the independence and territorial integrity of its neighbors RF, Our homeland and as before applies to adjacent countries as part of an old imperial own locality.

A striking example of this is Georgia. Two years after his own invasion of that country, our homeland not only continues to occupy 20% of its sovereign country, and it builds on military bases in South Ossetia admits against ethnic Georgians cleaning and prevents access of humanitarian missions. All this violates the obligations it has assumed under the terms of the ceasefire agreement brokered by President Sarkozy. But, despite the constant threat from the Russian Federation, Georgia deepens its democracy and strengthens our economy. Global Bank is a weight on the 12th place in the world for ease of doing business, Russia — on the 123rd. Not long ago, President Saakashvili has even made a fundamental step, rejecting a power struggle with the Russian occupation and the promise that will only protect the unoccupied area of Georgia in the event of a Russian attack. "

Then McCain used the internationality days are the right person to do what shall be removed to do so many organizations, disguising themselves as human rights — carefully enumerate numerous Russian human rights violations. His position of the ordinary: we have before us a country that does not share our values, and it should look the freshest look. But what are the candidates to "reset", which, according to the views of McCain, who turned into the street with a one-sided movement?

McCain offers:

"We need to finish re-evaluate the success of cooperation. And we need to start acting with Russia mainly as a secondary power, which it is at the moment, and not as majestic power, which it was. It is, namely, means that we need a more assertive to protect our interests and values.

First you need to resume the implementation of defensive arms to Georgia. Our allies in Central and Eastern Europe view Georgia as an indication that would stand up for them the United States, or not. Our homeland, too, sees Georgia as an indicator that allows to realize how much she can get away with in this country — and means and beyond. Support the zeal of Georgia to join NATO — the policy of our government. But two years in Georgia are not fulfilled the delivery of defensive weapons — the main one of deference to Russia. This should be changed. At a minimum we should provide Georgia distant detection radars and other basic means to strengthen the defense. "

In the end, he proposes to impose sanctions for the violation of human rights, using as leverage zeal RF to join the WTO, and to abandon the ludicrous initiatives, such as the Russian-American working group, led by "one of the closest allies and the main ideologists of Putin."

What are the chances that all or at least part of it, translated into reality? Here I feel optimistic. A huge number of foreign policy failures — bad peace talks in the Middle East, the growing anger North Korea, China and the indifference of America's inability to develop an effective policy that could prevent the growth of Iranian hegemony — make sense of what America is receding, and that the president is not enough firmly defends its interests. Administration indifference to human rights issues in almost all countries from Burma to Egypt displeases foreign activists — both left and right.

Because with the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the existing center-right majority in the Senate, Congress may be able to push the administration in a more applicable way. In the most for himself on "cooperation" is not nothing wrong, as long as we do not limit ourselves sweet words and pacification of enemies. In domestic policy, the president at this time on the defensive, and that means that in international politics to him — and America — it's time to run across in coming. Our homeland — the perfect place in order to start doing it.

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