Just built a house in Alexandria — he immediately fired. 300 million down the drain


Our listener called for "Freedom" after Sunday saw on television news.

"Listening to the last Sunday night television ideological reasoning killer George Prakopau and comments to him Lidiya Yarmoshyna, I finally figured out what caused the mass protests of the young and not-so people invented about the regime. As I understand it, this is done with a long-range goal: to deprive of their active participation in the elections, citing their convictions and allegedly undermined the authority of the voters.

Thus previously destroyed competitor Kozulin and other dangerous opponents of our eternal guide. And today, that which was evil dictatorial regime elite likewise not permitted even to the electoral commission. As you can see, developed a mechanism to discredit the opposition is still running smoothly. "

Call the listener comments Paul Seviarynets, serving a sentence at the "chemistry" for organizing street demonstrations against the rigged elections and the 2004 referendum:

Paul Seviarynets

"Indeed, the current regime is trying to present his opponents criminals and criminals. This is why young people and politicians are trying to discredit such a simple way — to hang a criminal case, departure date and place mark felon.

This is the essence of the regime. He is acting on the "concepts". Nothing legally legitimate in such actions do not. These political affairs and, of course, this is all visible. Calculation for the layman who is afraid of even the word "criminal."

Audience speak out about how the state television provides information about the presidential candidates of the opposition:

"The beginning of the election campaign, on the part of the authorities, not only are more and more attacks on Vladimir Neklyaeva. Argument is always the same: the poet, they say, can not be president. Strongly disagree with these statements. Why not? Put another question: why is the chairman of the abandoned farm can be president, and educated intelligent man, though a poet, can not they? Maybe, As an example, the Czech Republic, where the president was once a playwright Vaclav Havel, and nothing, everything is fine. does not matter who you are, most most importantly — how you are. Vaclav Havel — an honest man who never cling to power can not be said about our leader, who, without authority simply can not live. "

Another listener also spoke about the presidential candidacy:

"I have been and will be a supporter of Zenon Pozniak, but today decided the fate of the people of Belarus. I'm tired of listening to 15 years of Lukashenko, his healthy leg, his false promises and provocative, rigged elections and referendums, to keep people in fear of dismissal, jail, beaten clubs or boot mordavarota fat.

No need to look into the mouth either Europe or Russia, and be yourself, be friends with everyone, frankly, without lies and deceit, to be respected. "

Our listener considers immoral casts doubt on the fact that not all of the candidates for president have gathered the necessary 100,000 signatures. She believes that it is impossible to make such statements in the ether:

"I am very concerned and outraged by the fact that some analysts are of the opinion that not all candidates allegedly collected 100,000 signatures. And these opinions are expressed as calmly as if nothing terrible, but in fact it is a very serious accusation. Indeed, you accuse people lies and fraud.

And if those facts do you know, you have to mention specific names and sources of information from which it is known. Otherwise, there is a presumption of innocence. Believe it or not — this is a private matter, and doubt can be aired in a private conversation, but not before teleradyeavdytoryyay. From the same is practically impossible to wash the more even hints such unacceptable. And it seems that a lie — the absolute norm. "

Where will the money for financial assistance to people who are in a critical situation? Our Music fans shared his opinion on the matter.

"Begun campaigning presidential candidates, but the most discussed topic on a small home in the village of Alexandria president — a recent incident. Know, a festival in Alexandria" Alexandria collects friends ", then next year will be the second time already.

Lukashenko then builds a residence for protection, may carry the mother is thinking here. So burned out house that was built. Yes, this strange miracle: only built — he immediately fired. RUB 300 million down the drain. According to the new building began. So it would be better to give this money the people, who are being treated for burns to "Pinskdrev."

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