Kalinouski restored headstone, so did the inscription in Russian

In Gorki restored monument rebel-Kalinouski Wojciech Domoratsky. He died April 24, 1863 during the release of the settlement from the troops of the Russian Empire. The inscription on the tomb of the deceased new rebel made in Russian. This language was the inscription on the old split plate.

Tomb student Mountains-Goretskogo agricultural institute is located in the arboretum of the current Agricultural Academy. For help in restoring tombstones to the leadership of the institution addressed Gorki journalist Edward Brokarau:

"We have spoken to have translated the inscription on the whiteRussian language. Do inscription in Russian on the grave Kalinouski — is blasphemy! Wojciech Domoratsky defended our country it is from Russian invaders and was killed by a Russian soldier. This inscription is necessary to alter — to write in Belarusian. Let's go out on the leadership of the Academy, the district leadership and we will achieve it. This is not normal. "

Pro-rector on educational work of the Academy Alexander Solyanik acknowledged that with the restoration of hurried and did not think about the language:

"He was ordered to urgently restore what was. Looking for companies that can do and had not thought of. But there were good intentions — to restore. Let's dwell on the fact that, thank God, was restored. And I'll go out with suggestions. "

Wojciech headstone Domoratskogo established in the late eighties. Stood for it long. Who injured is unknown. More than two decades of marble slab lay shattered in the sidewalk of one of the oils of the park.

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