Kastusyou: The president must be a healthy head

Society of Belarusian legislation are not any rules that would provide for the publication of the medical bulletins regarding the current state of health of the Belarusian president or presidential candidates to submit the relevant medical reports to the CEC. Do not apply such laws and in other post-Soviet countries. Although the appeals and initiatives regarding the introduction of increasingly heard from legislators themselves. Recently them were members of Estonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan …

On the eve of the elections on December 19 Freedom wondered how these people personally support a healthy lifestyle, whether they have any medical problems, no matter what steps they have made towards improving the health of the nation.

Today, answers our questions Gregory Kastusyou.

Gregory Kastusyou: age 53, height 182 cm, weight 93-94 kg, the pressure is 130/80

"Freedom"Mr. presidential candidate, your opponent is on the presidential race, Dmitry Uss, for example, believes that such a topic as the health of presidents, statesmen is untimely topic for discussion. Belarus has not yet become a democratic, discuss, inform the public about the medical problems of public figures too early. there are many other things that need to know the voters. your opinion, should the voters have information on this subject? "

Kastusyou"Yes. Voters need to know about the health of all elected representatives."

Voters need to know about the health of all the choices.

"Freedom"" And even some personal intimate things? "

Kastusyou"What do you mean?"

"Freedom"" Hemorrhoids, prostatitis … Illness, which is not to say, and which, according to European statistics, the most common among male politicians.

Kastusyou"It's hard to say. As a person who does not have such problems, I find it difficult to discuss this topic. Only when directly sutykaessya with all of this, and even then you have a certain attitude to these things."

"Freedom"" When was the last time you were at the doctor? "

Kastusyou"That's just today visited the hospital Shklovsky, praveryvsya. I live in Shklou. So happened that during this election campaign, probably, on picket lines I'm a little cold, padstyla throat. So doctors were very careful, checked even more than I wanted. right at the x-ray. Anyway, everything is fine. prescribed me some pshykalki throat. A little earlier, also in this year, I was in the same hospital, a medical examination to renew their rights driver, I checked and vision, and the pressure inside the eye, the other had a different diagnosis, held a variety of offices, including psyhiatara. Results of examination I was satisfied. example, ECG better than in younger years. in my '53 I was given the rights for five years. Usually at that age entitle for a year or two. Something to be proud of. "

"Freedom"" Whatever the verdict of the doctor could get you to opt out of the presidential race? "

Kastusyou"Any sign of disease of the head. The president should always be a healthy head. If there are any hints of a disease of the head, then such a person to go for the presidency is not worth it."

The president should always be a healthy head.

"Freedom":" 130/80 — this is your constant pressure? "

Kastusyou"This is my stable operating pressure. However, if you'll take a glass, maybe 140."

"Freedom"" And how often accept? "

Kastusyou"Live, but very sparingly. If you know what it takes to drive, then for a day — for two try anything that does not apply. Possible that this month was even in the dry. During this time, especially when going to sign, I personally naezdiv driving 10 kilometers. Only he drove. Continuing alcohol topic, I before drinking, always weigh your options, depending of the starters that on the table. zakus If good, then your health permits … The main principle — do not mind losing. Another significant figure, the most important is a good company. With the man who is not friendly to me, I do not sit down at the table. "

"Freedom"" With the growth of 182 cm you weigh 93-94 kg … "

Kastusyou"Yes. Sometime about 10 years ago gained the weight, since that time, so she keeps. Subjectively some discomfort

Grandma always told me, you can not go to bed hungry because the poor will dream.

I do not feel. Just love to eat. We had such a childhood family tradition of late supper. And my grandmother always told me, you can not go to bed hungry because the poor will dream. And this tradition has passed and to my family as well as the evening, dinner is the only time that can gather together the whole family. As for food, I do not limit myself to. I especially love fresh pancakes. More mochanku. This dish is particularly good to my mother. Here and sour cream, and bacon and eggs, and under this mochanku even pancakes … "

"Freedom"" And blow to the liver … Some sports do you do? "

Kastusyou: I have in my childhood and adolescence was a good training — hockey, football, running well. I love to swim. Now is not the time …

"Freedom"'Tell me, maybe it's the right thing for Belarusians built so many palaces. Machanne we love, blows on his own liver and heart are doing has to move a little bit, to be honest, very little move … Add another environment, which spoils the internal organs. Why is everyone so against the current president cares about the health of the nation — the construction of the same arenas? "

Kastusyou"Of course, a healthy lifestyle to promote. Overall, on the one hand, I do think that it is good that we have built ice rinks. Like any other sport facilities. Now, for example, the decision to build

I am proud that in my '53 I was given the right not for a year, and the top five.

Palace in Shklou. Maybe it's good. But before construction would I would still like to have studied the question of how useful such an expensive building. Sports facilities are needed in the sense that people went there for physical training. To this sport was massive. Not for some clubs, and for those who love to skate. If the ice palace was built in Mogilev, we conducted a survey of Mogilev. People have told us that it was for the children, for the usual katannya skating is given very little time. A lot of time is available for training sportklyubav. I'm for the development of sports facilities and the construction of massive … "

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