Khamaida unexpectedly released from detention

After yesterday, he was sentenced to five days for organizing a picket calling for boycotting the elections, a decision the prosecutor's office appealed the district court Railway. Vitebsk opposition leader says he did not appeal to the prosecutor.

On Boris Khamaida, exemption from arrest was unexpected: he was visited by members of the temporary detention, where he was serving his sentence, and read out the decision of the regional court. From this document it is understood that the regional prosecutor's office on his own initiative protested yesterday's decision of the district court judge Railway Helena Tsygankova. And the Regional Court found that five days in jail — is inadequate punishment for organizing and holding an unauthorized picket.

Recall that the last member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Jan Dzyarzhautsau and non-party opposition leader Boris Khamaida took to the center of Vitebsk with posters "Only boycott" and "participation in the electoral farce — it's treason." Two hours later, they were arrested and taken first to the police station where the report was drawn for an administrative offense under Article 23.34, and then taken under guard to the court. Judge Elena Tsygankova awarded to Jan Derzhavtsevu 350,000 fine, and Boris Khamayda — 5 days of arrest.

Khamaida their unexpected liberation explains:

"The authorities are trying to prove that the elections are legitimate. Our punishment was a mistake "on a national scale," as the judge "overdone", not realizing what you need demonstrate a comprehensive loyalty during the campaign. My opinion about the need to boycott confirmed again: The authorities are keen to show that Lukashenko was elected legitimately, but the fact that he will be elected by a majority vote, I have no doubt — this script is polished to the last detail, and prevent his execution can only boycott. "


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