Kobiakov: Lord, invest in Belarus will not regret it!

November 17 in Germany's financial capital Frankfurt-am-Main in the European financial week passes Belarusian Investment Forum. The first such event was held two years ago in London and last year in Minsk. Belarus suggests that foreign investors at this time?

In Frankfurt am Main Belarusian side will present 160 investment projects worth more than $ 14 billion, but the most realistic one and half a dozen proposals submitted. In the case of implementation of Belarus hopes to raise $ 3.5 billion. First of all, it is the formation of transport lyagistychnyh centers, renewable energy, banking, modernization of a number of processing enterprises, housing, tourism and agriculture.

Opening the forum, Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky said that such a large-scale event leads to a systematic review of the economy. In addition, it is possible to give an objective expert assessment of the investment climate in Belarus as well as work to increase the investment attractiveness of the Belarusian economy. Minister of Economics Nicholas Snapkou stressed the inevitability of European integration Belarus:

Nicholas Snapkou

"Transformations of economic relations will be based on the stability of the legislation regulating the legislative activity on the harmonization of national legislation with international standards and regulations for the integration of Belarus into the world economy, to maintain the course taken by the liberalization of economic processes. Main priority of the government action is that both public and private, both domestic and foreign businesses should feel in our country as comfortable as possible. "

In his speech, Deputy Prime Minister of the Belarusian government Andrei Kobyakov focus was made the prospects for investors who brings the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. First of all we are talking about a common market with 170 million people:

Andrei Kobyakov

"One of the problems that arose during the initial phase of the Customs Union of Belarus and Russia, was the fact that the customs payments to the budget of the parties without their" rasshchaplennya "and there were competing claims — why the goods cleared in the same area and are involved in the economic cycle on the territory of another state? Now these claims are removed. Because only economic content of the investment projects on the territory of the Customs Union will be their economic component. Fiscal component to this effect will be. So, gentlemen, to invest in the Republic of Belarus will not regret it. "

But foreign experts refer to the liberal promises of the Belarusian government with caution. Investment obstacle they call nyarazvitasts market infrastructure in Belarus. Said the first vice-president of the German Stock Exchange Albrecht Burger:

"To really develop the economy, be sure to use the enormous potential capital available to it stock companies and other institutions. And just enhanced equity base of Belarusian companies. How is the situation on the Belarusian market securities? Frankly, as long as this market is not very developed. There small market shares, there is little exchange of securities, but there is not very high turnover. Foreign participants not in principle have access to the stock exchange. exchange is also a lack of infrastructure and regulation, which does not correspond to the international European standards. Nobody wants to buy securities, which then can not be sold and for which there is no demand. "

In turn, the chairman of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations Klaus Mangold noted that potential investors are extremely interested in three things: the prospect of privatization in Belarus, the transparency of tenders, as well as "impenetrable bureaucracy" that needs to be either minimized or brought in line with European standards.

Two years ago at a similar event in London on the Belarusian side is endeavoring to present in the best light their economic achievements. In the past year, "Gold Mountain" was promised to potential investors at the forum in Minsk. However, for some high-profile projects that would be a logical result of these activities, the public has never heard. However, according to former Economy Minister, economist George Badey, interest in the specific project does not have to occur immediately:

George Badey

"The findings of the vanity of such forums quickly, because we can not all at once generalize and say that trying to please investors failed to materialize. But the truth is that you need to clearly calculate the efficiency of activities such as budget vvalvayutstsa capital. And to those who -that was paying for us, to go there to show off the state's expense, we would have not given up. But this event — completely under the patronage of the state, and the purpose of the presence of alternative views is not particularly perasledavalasya. "

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