Kuleshov: police will behave correctly

Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov told reporters that during the rally on October Square in Minsk police will behave correctly, but within the law.

He said: "There is a setting to police behaved correctly and with respect for the people. "

"At the same time I want to remind people, calling to come to the area, not only have certain rights, but also certain duties before the law. Therefore, we will act only within the law. At the same time analysis of these events shows that among those who are going in the square, there is always a group of people that wants to provoke law enforcement response to the austerity measures. And we will act according to the situation. The police will respond adequately, but within the law, "- said Kuleshov.

During the presidential campaign, according to the Minister, his staff did not intervene in the affairs of the presidential candidates. However, they are logged every violation of the order and send the relevant documents to the CEC. As an example, Anatoly Kuleshov led yesterday's action trustee presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski Seviarynets Paul, who led the campaign in Bobruisk in the wrong place. The police officers Sevyarinets not detained and prevented him from acting. However, they made the appropriate protocol and sent it to respond to the CEC.


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